Sunday, 25 November 2012

X Wing

 I have finally finished my Revell Millenium Falcon model.  This has come about because FFG have delayed release of their official model until February, so steps had to be taken.  The model was £6.50, the base is some offcut mdf and the stand is some left over plastic rod. 

Revell Millenium Falcon, based and shaded
The base was covered with a home made attempt at a ship data sheet.  Not as nice as the official one, but it will do.  I have also made some cards up using templates I found on Boardgamegeek, so I can now use it on the table.  I think it scales up pretty well with the fighters and doesn't look to shabby.

Tie, Falcon and X-Wing together.
Top view of the 3 ships.

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