AWI Americans

The American War of Independance was never one that I had thought about getting into.  Don't know why, but it never really rattled my cage.  That was until two things happened.  

The first was Peter Pig bringing out a set of rules and the range of figures to go with it.
  I like the Piggy figures, they always look good and are a pleasure to paint.  I saw some lovely painted figures on Fat Wallys site and the seed was planted.

The second was the publication of the Maurice rules by Sam Mustafa.  JJ brought them along to the club one month and I played in a very enjoyable AWI game using his figures.  When I got home I promptly set about ordering the rules.  This then led to a plan of action, sorting out which figures I needed, working out how much it would cost and then ordering the first figures.

The American General, with a standard bearer
to mark him out from the other commander figures.  He is giving orders to a scout, or perhaps receiving word of the British armies location.
Noteable number One.  Notables are an optional addition in Maurice, so I have done up three for each army so we can use them if we wish.  He has an infantry officer on foot asking for orders.
Notable Two, in the standard officers uniform of a blue coat, faced in buff.
Notable Three, dressed in a civilian coat to make him different from the others.
The Americans have another marker base to represent the national characteristic "Clerics".  I gave them this because religion plays a big part in American culture and I liked the pastor in Patriot.  So here he is, having just buried a brother/husband/son.  The pastor figure is actually from the extra ammunition pack, his ammo box has been painted as a big bible with a cross on the front.
Three units of militia, used as either irregular or conscript regular foot.  No specific units were taken as the base of these, they are just painted up as civilians, although two of them do have "regular" officers to lead them.
Hartley's Additional Continental Regiment.
Brown coats with white facings, buff trousers and mostly hats.
7th Pennsylvania Regiment.
Blue coats with red facings, white trousers and tricornes.
Green Mountain Boys.
Green coats with red facings, buff trousers and tricornes.
5th Pennsylvania Regiment.
Blue coats with white facings, light blue trousers and white edged tricornes.
3rd New York Regiment.
Grey coats with green facings, white trousers and tricornes.
3rd New Jersey Regiment.
Buff coats with blue facings, buff trousers and white edged tricornes.
1st Connecticut Regiment.
Red coats with blue facings, white trousers and hat.
1st New Hampshire Regiment.
Green coat with red facings.  Green trousers and light infantry cap.
12th Continental Regiment.
Brown coats with red facings.  Buff trousers with tricornes.
State Militia.
Civilian clothing, these are more regular militia than the 3 figures to a base units.
2nd Continental Light Dragoons.
Blue coats faced buff, Buff trousers and white combs on the helmet. 
4th Continental Light Dragoons.
Green coats with red facings, buff trousers and black combs on the helmet.
Continetntal Artillery.
Blue coats faced red, white trousers and tricornes.
One unit to use as irregulars, just because I could.

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