15mm CoC

This page is to show the forces I have gathered for the Chain of Command game from the Too Fat Lardies. As it is a platoon level skirmish game I will only need a platoon plus some support for each force........yeah right!

I now have several many platoons for Chain of Command covering early to late war periods.  There are 11 different platoons, made up of 2 British, 1 French, 1 Russian, 4 German, 1 Italian and 2 American.  There are also almost 100 vehicles, with more waiting to be made and/or painted. 

France 1940
British Highland Infantry Platoon - 31 figures.
        Support     Vickers MGs(2), 2pdr AT Gun(1), 18/25pdr Field Gun(1), Bren Carriers(3), A10 Cruiser MkII tank(1), A13 Cruiser MkIII tank(1), Matilda II(1), Vickers VI light tanks(2)

French Infantry Platoon - 41 figures.
         Support    Hotchkiss MGs(3), 25mm AT Gun(1), 75mm Field Gun(1), Lorraine 38 APC(2), R-35 tank(3), Char B1bis(1), S20TL trucks(2)

Germany Infantry Platoon - 48 figures.
        Support    Tripod MG34(2), 3.7cm Pak36(1), 7.5cm leIG(2), Panzer II(1), Panzer 35t(3), Panzer 38t(5), Sdkfz 222(2), Stug IIIA-E(1), Kfz 15 truck(2)

Russian Front 1941-42
German Light Armoured Platoon - 33 figures and 8 Sdkfz 250 half-tracks
         Support  5cm mortar(1), AT rifle(1), additional Sd250/1(2) plus anything from the German early war support as well.   
Italian Infantry Platoon - 41 figures.
        Support   Breda MG(3), Solothurn 20mm AT Rifle(3), 47/32 AT Gun(2), L6/40 light tank(4), Semovente 47/32(2)

Russian Infantry Platoon -64 figures
        Support    45mm AT Gun(2), 76mm Infantry Gun(2), Maxim MG(2), T-26(5), BT-2(3), KV-2(1)

Late War
British Infantry Platoon - 37 figures.
        Support     Vickers MG(1), Sniper(1), Daimler Dingo(1), Daimler MkI(2), Cromwell tank(4), Firefly tank(1), Churchill tank(3), Assorted Trucks(6)

American Infantry/Armoured Infantry Platoon - 56 figures.
        Support      30cal mg(2), 57mm AT Gun(1), Jeep(3), M3 half track(5), M4 Sherman(5), M5 Stuart(5), M8 HMC(1), M10 Tank Destroyer(1), M16 AA Half Track(1)

American Para Platoon x2 - 33 figures each.
        Support    Additional BAR teams(4), Additional Bazooka teams(4) Sniper(2), 30cal mg(2), 50cal AA mg(4), 57mm AT Gun(3), Jeeps with MGs(3)

German Infantry Platoon - 33 figures
        Support      Additional Panzerschreck Team(1), Sniper(2), Tripod MG42(2), Marder IIIM(2), Stug IIIG(2), Hetzer(2), Panther(1), Sdkfz 10/5(1), 3.7cm FlaK 43(1), Panzerkampfwagen 35H(f) mit 28/32 cm Wurfrahmen(3)

German Falschirmjager Platoon - 34 figures
        Support     Additional Panzerschreck Team(1), 2cm FlaK 38(2), Spare figures(20)

Plans are afoot to add to this lot.  I have some Panzer 38ts, Panzer IIIs and Panzer IVs for the Germans, plus some more Falschirmjager support options.  I also need to get some Pak guns that are larger than the little 37mm.  The British have 5 Sherman's waiting in the wings plus I need some 6pdr AT guns and some universal carriers.  The Americans have another 5 half-tracks still boxed as well.  I am currently planning a different German platoon for the mid war period, more on that in the future hopefully.  I have a plan for a Polish Infantry platoon too, just because I love the little TK tankettes they had.  Finally I need some Russians to fight my Italians and planned mid war Germans.  All told that will give me 12 different platoons, which should be enough for anyone.

Although I have not even touched the North Africa campaign........
Or the Pacific..........


  1. Are you doing Chain of Command in 15mm too? Are you planning on doing a Soviet platoon as well?

  2. I am indeed doing Chain of Command in 15mm. I will be moving east once I have done my next 2 platoons, US and British infantry. Luckily the Germans will do for both fronts.

  3. Are you interested in play testing some scenarios? I am working on a supplement for the Italians in the East circa 1941.

    1. I certainly am interested. It may well mean a change of direction into the middle east instead of eastern front, but that's no problem.