Monday 29 November 2021

More buildings, yet more buildings!

 Hello again, I have been a bit busy with other things but have managed to sort out a few more buildings for my town project. I still have yet more to base up but have run out of the wood I use for the bases at the moment. So here you go with the latest few that are finished. 

First up is a calvary, a religious icon that will make a nice scenic piece in the town. The cobblestones are made out of FIMO clay and then rolled with a Greenstuff World roller. The pavement is from 4 Ground and the fences are Wills Scenics. The calvary is from Sabotag3d and the flowering plants are from Serious-Play. I am reasonably happy with how it all came together, although I did mess up with the positioning, the opening in the fence should have been on the pavement edge, not on the cobblestones. Ah well, you live and learn.

Calvary and nice garden surround.

Then I based up some of the Landmark buildings that are sadly no longer available. I arranged 4 of them to go together and then constructed the basing around them. The garden may be a bit too "grassy" and I may revisit in the future and add a vegetable plot, but apart from that it is good enough and makes a nice addition to the town.
Landmark buildings x 4
The cobblestones are Fimo, rolled and baked in the oven for 30 minutes. The pavements and walls are 4Ground and are not baked. 
Rear yard and garden.
Finally here is a view of the town as it stands at the moment. I still have a few things to tweak on it, the hotel needs to be based to match the rest and I still need some more roads. the final arrangement is not fixed, but I think it is coming together fairly well.
My small town, a work in progress

Well, that's the lot for now. I am off to play Chain of Command in the jungle tonight. Should be fun....

Take care folks, stay safe.

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  1. Greenstuff World roller. Who would have thought ? Never heard of this before, but I like airdry clays, so I shall give them a look. Vince