28mm CoC

My 28mm Early War Chain of Command Platoons.

German Infantry
A German Infantry platoon with various support elements. Bolt Action miniatures and support, except for the Blitzkrieg Models Panzer II and Sd 222. 

The platoon has four 10 man squads with supporting 5cm mortar, FAO spotter, tripod MG34, Pak 35, engineers, leIG 18 and a few vehicles. The converted carrier is for Operation Sealion games against my VBCW troops and the High Command base is a jump off marker or objective.

French Infantry

A French Rifle platoon with a very limited choice of support so far. The infantry were a Christmas present from my wife and the tanks were a present to myself. I also have a 75mm gun on the way and will pick up a 25mm AT gun at some point.

The platoon has 3 squads of 11 men, a 5 man VB squad and a supporting HMG team. Plus the mighty R35 and Char B1 tanks. I will possibly need some engineer figures, but don't know of any in 28mm. May have to end up converting some.

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