AWI British

To face off against the American force, I have put together a smaller, but higher quality, British force.
Most of the British infantry are in the marching pose because I like it more than the other poses.  I always picture the British lines marching forward under fire, then stopping to deliver a close range volley.   I have tried to do each unit with a different facing colour, but have ended up with two "green" units, just slightly different shades of green.
 64th Regiment of Foot.
Black facings
55th Regiment of Foot.
Green facings
33rd Regiment of Foot.
White facings
 24th Regiment of Foot.
Green facings again
 23rd "Royal Welch" Fusiliers.
Blue facings, bearskins instead of tricornes and a goat!
17th Regiment of Foot
Buff facings and belts and trousers etc.
16th Regiment of Foot.
Yellow facings

The last two foot units are the combined light infantry and grenadiers.  As such they do not have a single facing colour, instead they have facings from each of the foot regiments.
Combined Light Infantry.
In round hats instead of Tricornes.
Combined Grenadiers.
Bearskins, except for the officer.
16th Light Dragoons.
Blue facings and red combs.
Royal Artillery.
Same uniforms as the Americans, which must have been a bit confusing.
With his bodyguard.
Three notables again, two in redcoats with blue facing, the other is in a green dragoon uniform.  
Who could it be?

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