Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Luftwaffe Field Company

I have decided to sell the Luftwaffe Field Company I have. Its been sat here for some time just taking up space in the drawer unit, so off to ebay it shall go. 1000pts of mediocrity, with a nice addition of some "proper army" Stugs.

The army has the following units.
Company Command - 2 command stands and an attached Panzerschreck
1st Platoon - Panzerknacker command and 6 rifle/mg teams
2nd Platoon - Panzerknacker command and 6 rifle/mg teams
3rd Platoon - Panzerknacker command and 4 rifle/mg teams
Scout Platoon - Panzerknacker command and 4 rifle teams
MG Platoon - Panzerknacker command and 2 MG42 HMGs
Light Flak Platoon - command and 2 cm Flak guns with Kfz70 trucks
Heavy Flak Platoon - command and 2 8.8cm Flak with Sd7 halftracks
Assault Gun Platoon - 3 Stug-G and 1 Stuh-42 assault guns, attached from the German Army.

So there they all are.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Its been ages since I commented on here.

Doh! Well, I'm here now.
So what's occurring? Well, I am now properly self-employed as a wargames painter. It may work out, it may not, but if I don't try it now I never will.

Since I started I have painted the following
1000pts of "The Devils Brigade" for a customer (100+ figures and 4 vehicles)
10 British Shermans for a dodgy chap in Ottery!
6 US Shermans for eBay.
A German platoon for eBay(27 figures)
5 Games Workshop Ogres for eBay
Assorted German artillery for a customer(90 figures, 14 guns/rockets and scenic bases)
5 T-34s with 2 turrets each for eBay
24 15mm Cuirassiers for a customer

I am in the process of painting 18 German vehicles, 14 for a customer and 4 for eBay.
I have lots more Napoleonics to do, plus a German SS Company box for a customer

Here is a picture of the US Shermans that went on eBay this week. Not to shabby, in my opinion anyway.

In other news I have also ordered some Forged in War Shermans, just to see how they look. If they are good I will be ordering more from them and less from Battlefront, just because Battlefront have thrown a hissy fit and withdrawn their models from my usual supplier. I don't condone bully boy tactics and that seems to be what they have done to Maelstrom.

Well, that's it for now. I will try to update again soon(ish), but my boss is a real slave-driver.

And yes, she is out at the moment. ;)