Thursday, 29 November 2012

New computer!

I have got all the bits, put them together and even got them to work.  Upgraded from an old dual core 1.6ghz processor, 2gb ram(max motherboard would take), 250gb hard drive and old 512mb graphics card to quad core 3.6ghz, 8gb ram(32gb max!), 1tb hard drive and new 1gb graphics card.  Its significantly faster at everything and I even get into battles on world of tanks before they start.  Shiny.

I am also painting stuff.  Started some more of the Wars of the Roses figures as there is less than 2 weeks until we play the big game at the Devon Wargames meet.  I still have 36 figures to paint up for this, so have to get on with them.  I am still waiting for the Pak43s I ordered from Battlefront many weeks ago.  Its over 5 weeks since they took the money, but they are still out of stock.  Not impressed.  I have also just ordered some more AWI figures from Peter Pig, but they are a Christmas present from my Mum, so I can't have them when they arrive but have to wait until Christmas.

Monday night we played X-Wing again upstairs while Panjo and Colin finished off a Dux game downstairs.  The Rebels had Chewbacca flying the Falcon with Gaven Dreiss Dwarven Grease and a Red Squadron pilot in X-Wings.  The Imperials fielded Darth Vader in a TIE advanced and 4 TIEs piloted by Howlrunner, Mauler Mithel, Winged Gundark and an Academy pilot.  Asteroids littered the table and several moves were restricted by the risk of collisions.  End result was the Falcon had lost all but 2 hull hits, Red pilot was dead and Gaven Dreiss Dwarven Grease had 1 shield left.  The Imperials lost everybody except Howl Runner(1 hull left) and the academy pilot(2 hull left).  In terms of damage caused, the Rebels caused 14 hits against the Imperials hitting 17 times, but the durability of the Falcon and X-Wings won the day.  It was a fun game though, everybody seemed to enjoy it.

Downstairs, Panjo's Romano-British were butchered by Colin's Saxons.  Colin won by 9, so got more men and Panjo will take 3 months to get his men back.  Ouch.

Well, keep smiling and roll those dice folks.

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