Saturday, 10 November 2012

Devon Wargames and eBay

So Saturday is nearly over.  Amazingly, I failed to win the lottery last night so still have to go to work tonight.  Boo Hiss.

I went to the Devon club and ended up playing Flames of War.  Barbarossa period, with hordes of Russians being decimated by very few Germans.  35 Russian tanks took on 6 Panzer IIIs and 3 Stug IIIs.  In short order the 10 T-26s were destroyed, the 10 BT-2s were destroyed, reborn and destroyed again, the 5 T-35s were destroyed and the 10 T-28s lost 2 and had 3 bailed out.  The Germans lost 3 armoured cars!  Shots rained in on the Panzers and all bounced off.  I didn't realise Panzer IIIs were that well armoured.  The German infantry dug in and went to ground, so suddenly the artillery couldn't see them.  Oh well.  Thanks to Andy, Vince and Chas for the game, but it sadly reinforced my view that I don't like the Flames of War rules.  At least I tried it.  Hopefully we will be playing Battlegroup Kursk soon, which looks promising.  The other game on was Jon's computer moderated WW2 naval game.  The Graf Spee, under Kapitan von Goodyear, sank........quite quickly.........oh dear.  Stop laughing, he tried his best but always wanted to be a U-boat commander really. 

I have listed my Bolt Action Germans on ebay now, so hopefully somebody likes them enough to bid.  Its all to fund my 15mm AWI and WW2 forces, which I will play with more than I ever played with the 28mm WW2.  The British Paras will go on soon as well, probably tomorrow.  

So, work beckons, then I shall sleep before getting up to play Combat Arms or World of Tanks tomorrow night.  Still looking forward to Dux Britanniarum  on Monday night though. 

Onward and upwards, the less said about the shambolic Welsh rugby team the better.

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