Friday, 9 November 2012

World War Z and the next few days.

I found World War Z by Max Brooks to be an entertaining read.  I liked how it was done as interviews showing how the "War" progressed.  As much as I am looking forward to this film.....
I somehow don't think it is following the book.  I'll still go and see it though.  Zombies, you can't beat them...............unless you have a big stick!  Or a shotgun. 

The next few days are a mix of high and low for me.  Today I am photographing my 25mm WW2 figures to go on ebay, which is sad.  Then its back to painting before playing World of Tanks tonight, which is nice.  Tomorrow I am playing wargames at the Devon Wargames Group while watching Wales play Argentina on the big TV, which will be nice.  Then I have to go to work at 11pm, which is sad.

Sunday I shall mostly be asleep, until later on when I play online with some mates, which is nice.  Then I have to go to work at 11pm, which is sad.  Monday morning will be spent asleep, before getting up at about 1pm and doing some painting, which is nice.  Then Monday night is Dux Brittanarium night at Zobs, which will be great. 

Obviously this will all change if I win the lottery tonight, but whats the chance of that.  Off now to undercoat some more Dutch-Belgian Napoleonics and some Wars of the Roses archers. I am home alone, so Iron Maiden are currently blasting through the house.  :)

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