Thursday, 4 October 2012

Painting, Gaming and slow delivery

Its been a while since I last posted here, so its time for a quick rundown on what I have been up to.

Painting - I have had a few orders to do.  A bunch of US infantry on snow bases (which I stupidly forgot to photograph before sending them), some US Para gun crews and, lately, some German guns in US service.  I'm guessing these are from the latest FoW book as they are a new idea, but the order was for two Flak 88s and two Pak 88s with US crew.  More on that later.

Games - I have been playing several games lately.  Maurice is still one of my favourite games, but the last few games have been of other systems.  One new (to me) set that I have played is Medieval Warfare from Foundry.  Much as I hate to say it, I liked it.  The combat is a bit of a fiddle to work out, but the command, movement and firing is all good.  Plus the basing that I already have for my 25mm Wars of the Roses works fine for it.  Maurice has me still buying more, but finances are limited due to being off work for several weeks.  I am back at now and things are getting back on track, but its not been good for the last few months.

Purchases - Some Peter Pig AWI Continentals marching, making a new unit.  I have also been led to the dark side and ordered the new Fighting Fantasy Games "Star Wars: X-Wing" game.  Just the basic box set for now, but I can feel the pull towards more ships.  Still waiting for it to arrive, but it looks like its going to be a good filler game for Monday night games.  The box comes with two TIE fighters and one X-Wing, but more TIE's, and X-Wings as well as TIE Advanced and Y-Wings can be ordered.  The next release has the TIE Interceptor, A-Wing, Slave One and Millennium Falcon. :)

Slow Delivery - I am a fairly patient customer.  I feel that we are a bit spoilt nowadays as we see it online, order it there and then and then sit, waiting for it to arrive within a few days.  I don't mind if it takes a week or two to be posted as I don't expect people to have everything in stock all the time.  I do mind if an order sits "processing" for 4 weeks, with no notification about why its taking so long.  My first slow delivery was an order earlier this year for the Maurice rules and card set.  They were ordered from a supplier that I had used many times previously.  Order placed on June 12th, then I waited, and waited, and waited.  On July 9th I rang them to be told that they had come in that morning (amazing coincidence) and would be posted out to me the next day, which they were.

I thought about not ordering from them again, but gave them the benefit of doubt and placed another order on September 4th for two each of Battlefronts Pak 43s and Flak 88s, guns only with no crew.  I also ordered a P-47 with them.  At the same time I ordered some US gun crew from Peter Pig and scenic bases from Kerr & King.  The gun/aircraft order was the largest in terms of cost, but that didn't make any difference to delivery.  Three days later I had the Peter Pig gun crew, with the Kerr & king bases arriving the next day.  Great, awesome and thank you to both of those companies.  And yet, here I sit on October 4th still waiting for anything of the guns order.  I rang them yesterday and they have deigned to split the order and post out the Flak guns and aircraft, but the Paks are still not in stock.  So I guess my customer will just have to wait a bit longer.  Seems that Maelstrom Games are losing a customer though, which is a shame as they have been good for 4 years, but the service has definitely dropped off in the last few months.

Well, thats it for now.  I am off to try and get back into painting again, but the mojo is missing at the moment as I am feeling pretty ill.  Stupid stomach.

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