Friday, 19 October 2012

Fed up with tablets, but at least I am painting again.

So the stomach is still playing me up, despite being on so many tablets I rattle.  I am taking between 9 and 14 tablets a day, depending on how good or bad I feel, but don't seem to be getting any better.  My wife has decided that enough is enough and I will be going back to the doctors next week.  Deep joy.

On a brighter note, at least I am getting some painting done again.  I have finished the Flak 88's with American crews and the P-47 is nearly done too.  Pictures tomorrow or Monday, depending how I feel and what I have to do tomorrow.  I have also started another unit of Napoleonic Dutch.  More blue coats with blacks shakos, but needs must.  I do need to get my 25mm Wars of the Roses project finished as we are playing it at the December meet of the Devon club.  So far I have two units finished, with another 75% done.  The fourth unit is still on the sprues though, so I need to get cracking.

One thing I have rarely mentioned on here is my online gaming.  I dabble with several free online games, my preference being World of Tanks.  I also play Combat Arms occasionally and am on the beta test group of World of Warplanes, which is nice.  World of Tanks is fun though, there are 3 or 4 of us who get online together on Friday evenings for about an hour and a half.  we primarily play the lower level tanks as they are the most fun.  MS-1, BT-2 and the like, with little or no artillery and no surprise when your green-painted lawnmower gets blown up.  I have played with tanks up to level 6, but am sticking with level 4 or less now, as the "paying customers" don't bother buying special stuff for level 1 or 2 tanks.  If you have never tried it then give it a go.  It's free, unless you want to spend money on it.  I am Gra55hopper, so watch out for me if you do play.  World of Warplanes is also fun, but I tend to get shot down a lot.  My PC struggles a bit too, so new motherboard and processor is the plan for the new year.
Got to finish watching Prometheus, which seems ok.  Definitely a prequel to aliens, but nice effects and all that.  Not as much fun as Carter of Mars though.  I liked the books many years ago and don't think the film is too bad, especially considering its a Disney creation.
Off now for some tea before playing Tanks with Panjo and Nathan later.  Catch you next time.

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  1. These tablets seem to be a real nuisance eh? Chin up and all that mate.

    Thought Prometheus was a good enough film, but I don't count it as part of the Alien set (I only acknowledge the first three films as genuine!). You seen Iron Sky yet? Think that's right up your street.

    I think I'll give the games a shot (but I struggle with even the easiest of games).