Friday, 24 August 2012

AWI for Maurice and Washington's Army

AWI Americans
 Having played Maurice a few times now I was inspired to start painting my Peter Pig AWI Americans.  These had been bought as a starter force for the Piggy rules "Washingtons Army", but will now also be used for Maurice.

My planned Maurice force consists of 9 Regular infantry units (4 to a base), 7 Irregular infantry (3 to a base), 2 cavalry and 3 artillery.  The figures I had already bought allowed me to make up 5 regular infantry, 3 irregular infantry, the artillery and the general, so that is what I have done so far.
7th Pennsylvania

3rd New Jersey
12th Continentals
 1st Connecticut
Lexington Militia
 The regulars are all in different uniforms, just because I can.  So far I have the 7th Pennsylvanians (Blue with red facings), the 3rd New Jersey (Buff/Blue), the 1st Connecticut (Red/Blue),  the 12th Continentals (Brown/Red) and the Lexington Militia (civilian clothing).  The irregulars are all civilian dressed too.

Continental Artillery
1st Minutemen
The planned regular units are Haslets Delaware Regt (blue/red with light infantry caps), the Green Mountain Boys (Green/Red), 3rd New York (Grey/Dark Green) and 1st New Hampshire (Green/Red with LI caps).  The irregulars will be 2 units of Indians and 2 more civilian units. 

2nd Minutemen
3rd Minutemen
 I also need to base up some Noteables, which will be general figures on a base on their own.

After all that its on to the British, who will need to be started from scratch as Gus was getting them originally.



  1. I love it. I've started the exact same project with Peter Pig, too. I putting them on 25mm x 25mm bases by Litko with slightly rounded edges (3mm).

  2. Good luck with your plans Mark. I really enjoyed painting these up and the Peter Pig figures are lovely.