Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Bag the Hun (or Dakka Dakka Dakka!)

Monday night was Dogfight night, as we started a mini-campaign using the Too Fat Lardies Bag the Hun rules and Finest Hour supplement.  Four of the lads have taken the roles of British pilots while I ran the whole thing and Nathan assisted with the dastardly Hun fliers.  Squadron Leader Robert "Zobski" Zaple leads the squadron, A Flight and Red section.  Flight Lieutenant Andrew "Bunny" Noel is Blue one and leads B Flight.  Flying Officers Colin "Ollie Ollie" Edgecombe (Yellow One) and Paul "Pingu" Pengilly (Green One) make up the rest of the section leaders.  Day one saw A Flight (Red and Yellow sections) scrambled to intercept 10+ bandits approaching their airfield, while B Flight(Blue and Green) were on patrol.  Game one was A Flights battle, with the 6 Hurricanes climbing up to take on 6 Heinkel He111s and 4 Messerschmidt BF109s.

A head on intercept was the result of the set up and Red section was soon attacking the Heinkels from the front, while Yellow section swung in behind them to get better shots.  An accurate burst from SL Zaple caused the German flight leader to veer out of formation, straight into the guns of Pilot Officer Vivian, a sprog on his first combat flight.  A slightly extended burst later and the Heinkel exploded spectacularly(Roll a 10 on a "very critical" hit and that's what happens).  This caused Zaple and one of the Heinkels to go out of control, but Vivian flew on admirably and was soon evading the retribution of the 109s.
Yellow section in position

Yellow section was also firing, but couldn't manage more than light damage to the Heinkels (Colin's shooting was poor and Nathan's defence rolls were very lucky).  Rifle calibre machineguns need a lucky shot to take down a bomber.  They did manage to break the formation up, but were soon forced to break off by the attentions of the 109s.  Despite the best efforts of all concerned, no more aircraft were shot down.  Several were damaged, including 2 Hurricanes which crashed on return to RAF Croyden, but the flight had done enough to disrupt the bombers.  One kill, three probables and all RAF pilots returned safe, although that was more due to the robustness of the Hurricane than anything else, made it a successful day for A flight.  Now we just need to see how B flight get on with their mission in a couple of weeks.

It was a fun way to pass a Monday evening, but I was struggling by the end of the night and then didn't get much sleep as I felt so crap.  Then I had to be up early to take No2 son to fail his driving theory test yet again. 
More Heinkels!
Ho hum, never mind, keep smiling and all that jazz.  I have managed to get 15 more Heinkel He111s painted, which now gives me 24 available.   I am now back onto the Rorke's Drift scenery and 15mm Napoleonics, oh the joy of it all.  ;-)

Keep rolling those dice.

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