Monday, 18 March 2013

Trees, AWI and Rugby

Hello again.  This week I have mostly been messing about with trees.  As I have made about 80 trees using the Woodlands Scenics armatures and bushes I decided it was time to base them up.  I bought some of the tree templates from 4ground, with either two or three 60mm removable bases.  After a bit of playing around I have finally made these.
Closer look with base removed
 I now have 11 templates (6x2 and 5x3) with about 40 trees on them.  I think they work pretty well and should do for both 15mm and 25mm games.  They are quite flexible, especially as the trees can be removed to allow units to move through them.
I have ordered some extra 60mm bases to make up as rough ground, which will double the use of the templates.  I still have about 40 trees to base, but these will be individually based on 40mm bases.
British column in woods

I reckon that will be enough trees for any gaming I do, as I only have space for a 6'x4' table.
British Infantry, Artillery and Commanders

British Grenadiers and Lights

I have also finished some more of the AWI figures for Legionary.  The British have gained two units of regular infantry, a unit of combined Grenadiers, a combined unit of Light Infantry, three guns, one general and two "notables". 

 The Americans have also gained two units of infantry and two "notables", plus a rebased general.

All I have left to do now is a unit of cavalry for each side plus some disorder markers.

 While feeling crap has slowed down production this week, I have managed to finish off a platoon of the plastic Flames of War Germans from the Open Fire box.  I am impressed with these, they look excellent and are a good match for the more expensive metal figures.

 And finally a big cheer for the Welsh rugby team who managed to exceed my expectations by a lot on Saturday.  I thought they would win, but not by 27 points.  Totally bossed the scrums and controlled the game well.  Can anyone spot the Welshman in this picture?
Which one is Welsh?

Off now to try and find my painting mojo.  Its here somewhere.  Have fun and keep rolling those dice.

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