Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Another Week and more gaming

It's been a good week for wargaming, but not so good for health issues.

We have finished our Twilight 2000 session for a while.  We may go back to it this year, but that depends on what other games we get into.  Last Monday we played the first in a Zombicide mini-campaign.  Four of the six survived, although two were injured.  The other two tried to hang on to get into the "red" experience zone and got munched by zombies.  Oh dear, how sad.  I survived and was in the "red" so I start the next scenario with a scatter gun.  Shiney!

Last Saturday saw a few of us gather at JJ's house to fight the Rolica scenario he has designed.  I took the French against the combined aggression of Nathan, Gus, Steve and Mike.  I won't go into detail as its all there on JJ's blog, but I was one move away from holding the ridge for long enough to win.  It was fun and I recommend it if you want a challenging game.  The French can't hold, but can "win".  Thanks to JJ for having us all over and to the others for a good game.

On Saturday Gus and I are off to Nathan's gaming emporium again, this time for a 15mm AWI game.  It is a trial run of the planned scenario for the Legionary show game that Gus and I are putting on.  It will be nice to get a third person's view of the game. Luckily I have managed to finish off the last two units, as well as two final Notables and a "cleric" base for the Americans.  Just need to base them now and that is it all done.   At least until I get the Hessian/Hanoverian contingent............and the French..........and Loyalist Americans...............

Health wise I have had a pretty mixed time.  Last week I was feeling better and thinking that maybe the stomach ache was caused by a gluten intolerance.  This week has not been so good and I am feeling pretty crap again.  Ah well, nothing is ever easy, so I'll just keep on with the tablets and no-wheat diet and see what happens.  Painting speed has taken a hit, but I have now painted 800 15mm figures, mostly Napoleonics and AWI, but with a few WW2 mixed in.  I'm happy enough with that, it's less than I would have liked but more than I expected.

Well keep on rolling those dice and I'll catch you later.

PS.  The out...ahem, in-laws are done again from tomorrow until Monday, so little or nothing will get done over the weekend.  That's one reason why Nathans offer of putting on a game on Saturday was so eagerly taken up.

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