Sunday, 11 March 2012

25pdrs painted and posted

Just for a change from 6mm SYW or 15mm Napoleonics, here are some 25pdrs painted for a nice chap up in the north. I swapped him my later war 25pdrs for the 18/25pdrs he sent as he wanted them for Italy, by which time the 18/25's had all been replaced. So now I have some guns for my planned BEF 1940 force for PBI. Thanks Andrew. :)

Anyway, 4 guns, 4 limbers, 1 staff team, 2 command stands and 1 spotter team in all their glory.

Today I shall mostly be playing Dux Britannarum, the playtest set of the Too Fat Lardies new ruleset. Much chaos shall ensue as the Saxons and Britons do battle. More news tomorrow.

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