Thursday, 13 August 2015

Well FML!

Today is supposed to be the day I go to University College Hospital London to see a professor of gastroenterology.  Except they cancelled.  The day before I was due to go there! 

Apparently the appointment was booked with the wrong doctor, so basically it was "sod off tube boy".  How exactly can they book it with the wrong frigging doctor, his bloody name is on the referral letter for f***s sake.  Pissed off does not begin to cover it and we are now waiting to hear from them to see who I am seeing and when.  After all, it's only my life they are messing about with, it's only been three and a half years now.  

I am seriously fed up with it all at the moment, so planned posts are on hold or scrapped altogether.  When I get my head together again I will return, but it may take a week or two.

And it's raining outside, typical British summer.

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