Sunday, 5 May 2013

Legionary 2013

Yesterday saw the return of Legionary, Exeter's annual wargames show.  It seemed to me to be busier than last year, plus more traders and more games made it a good show.  There was a good mix of games from ancients to sci-fi and skirmish to massed battles.  I didn't take photos of all the games on show as there seemed to be more than enough photographers doing the rounds, so I am sure pictures will soon appear on blogs and in magazines.
Deep thoughts?  Probably not.

JJ, the smiling GM

Devon Wargames Group had a hand in two games on the day.  JJ put on a Carnage & Glory Napoleonic game with Steve and Nathan taking the British and French respectively.  I don't know how it happened, but the British lost in a very close fought game.  It was in the balance right up to the last turn, when the French managed to do enough damage to drive the British back.

Table layout

The other game was put on by Gus and myself.  Initial plans had been to do an AWI game using Maurice, but we changed it two weeks before the show.  As you can probably tell by my previous posts Chain of Command has been a big hit with us, so Chain of Command it was.  Gus bought some extra buildings from 4Ground and we set up a game based on the attack on Carentan from the Band of Brothers series.

Initial deployments

The US paras attacked (again), this time under Gus' command.  He had 3 squads of 12 men, each with 1 LMG.  They were supported by a 60mm mortar.  The Fallschirmjagers also had 3 squads, each with 10 men and 2 LMGs.  No mortar support and half the number of senior leaders gave the US a slight advantage, but the extra LMGs gave the Germans a slight edge in direct fire.
Massed US troops

Mortar rounds land
The game started off well for Gus, with the amazingly accurate fire from his left hand squad whittling a FJ squad down to 2 men.  His left flank was his main advance, with 2 squads supported by the mortar and with direct command from Captain Winters.  As they advanced the German fire was blocked by some well placed smoke rounds, but not before they managed to wound both the German squad NCO and platoon 2iC.

US troops advance
As the US forces on the left gathered to advance, the German 3rd squad reinforced their depleted comrades and their accurate fire pinned down the US right flank.  As they moved upstairs, the effect of their fire increased and soon the US squad was down to 7 men, including the platoon 2iC Lt Spears.

Just as the other 2 US squads gathered themselves to attack, the sneaky Germans used their CoC dice to end the turn, removing the smoke and reactivating their 2 wounded NCOs.
First floor firepower

The turn end marked the end of any effective fire from the allies.  Previously their 30cals and Garands had been hitting with amazing accuracy and effect, but this had changed and now the MG42s and Mausers had the edge.  As their numbers fell the US started losing NCOs, hit as they tried to rally their squads.

Due to Gus' ability to always roll a 6 on force morale loss rolls, the US advance stalled, then turned into a retreat.  The Germans still held Carentan, but they had been hit hard.

German NCO in the loft

Too many casualties now
It was a good day out, with several people expressing interest in the game, although nobody wanted to play a few turns.  Two chaps spent most of the day watching Gus and myself, but both were happy to spectate, which was a shame.

Ah well, we had fun anyway.  The scenery looked pretty good and I do like the mdf buildings over resin ones.  It is very handy to be able to put your troops on the correct floor.

Monday will be another full day of gaming.  I have obviously been very good to get two days in one weekend, but I am not complaining.  Nathan and Gus are coming over and we will try out the Italians and, possibly, some Russians.

Have fun and may your dice be better than Gus' were yesterday.

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