Sunday, 12 May 2013

Chain of Command at Devon Wargames Group

Overlord Game
Yesterdays meeting of the Devon Wargames Group saw three games put on.  JJ put on a nice WW2 game in 15mm using the new Battlegroup Overlord rules.  He has done a decent write up of his view of the rules as well.  The only downside was Nathan's "Happy Dance".

Nathan starts his "Happy Dance"
Black Powder Game
Meanwhile the other end of the room saw a Black Powder game, I think set up by Chas.  It looked good and from the players comments it seemed to play well too.  I am a bit concerned about Vince's concentration on the Jaffa Cakes though.

Vince eyes the Jaffa Cakes
Paras in the village
The third game was Chain of Command, put on by myself and Gus.  Ollie had asked us to put on the game after seeing it at Legionary, so he handed Gus his latest defeat in an ever extending run of defeats.  This time we had US Paras (again, I really need to get another Allied force) against German Grenadiers.  Ollie had the yanks, leaving Gus with the Germans.  Both took an extra squad as their support, with Gus also gaining a senior leader as well.
Germans on the hedgeline

Paras on the other hedge
Left flank attack
As the game went on Gus split his force into two, each with 2 squads and a senior leader.  This looked good initially, especially when a squad on overwatch managed to catch a US rifle team as it ran down the road, killing 3 of the 8 men in one volley.  In the end the extra senior leaders in the US force meant they could remove shock more easily than the Germans, plus the concentrated fire of 2 squads decimated Gus' right flank force, causing his morale to go.  The game was, as usual, enjoyed by both players and brought up a few new ideas and minor issues with the rules and forces.  But that is what playtesting is supposed to do, so it's all good.

This afternoon No2 son and I went to watch the latest Star Trek film.  I enjoyed the first one and was hoping for a similar reaction to this one.  Well, I was not disappointed.  I know some people have issues with the re-launch of Star Trek, but the new, dirtier look to the Federation seems more realistic than the "too good to be true" Federation of the older series.  Don't take me wrong, I liked the original Star Trek series, although I struggled a bit with Next Gen.  DS9 was good and Voyager was ok, but the less said about Enterprise the better. 

So I hope your all having fun, keep rolling those dice.

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