Thursday, 25 April 2013

Chain of Command again and Hospital again.

FJ in cover, waiting for the British
Monday night saw another go at Chain of Command.  Andy (Germans) played Zob (US Paras), with guidance from Gus.  The other battle saw Colin use the Falschirmjagers against Nathan's British platoon.

It was a bloody night, at least it was for Nathan.  A FJ platoon has 6 LMGs, plus Colin's support was a tripod MG.  The British had 3 sections, each with a Bren, and an M5 halftrack with another LMG.  The halftrack was blown up by a Panzerschreck, taking 3 of its supporting infantry with it.  Nathans infantry were then simply outgunned and were forced to fall back as they got whittled down.  The one saving grace was the smoke laid by the 2" mortar, which saved more than a few men.  Andy found much the same facing the US Paras, whose larger squads and Garand rifles minced his lead section and forced the rest back.

A good evenings gaming, with all players learning that you need to be careful with your troops. Looking forward to another game soon.

I have added a Chain of Command page to the blog, with some pictures of my 15mm (YES 15mm) platoons.  More will be added as I get them.

This afternoon has been spent in Torbay hospital, luckily the prognosis is good and the future for my chest looks rosey.  I wish they could say the same for my stomach, but all in all today is a good day.

Off now to annoy SWMBO.  It has to be done as she has been putting up with a grumpy Welshman for the last few weeks.  Keep rolling those dice folks.


  1. Good(ish) news on the ossie front eh? Hopefully catch up at P1 in June.


  2. Fine report, and great news on the health front!Fingers crossed you continue on the road to recovery!

  3. Thanks for the comments fellas, at least I know somebody is reading this stuff.

    I am hoping to make it to P1 Gaz, but it all depends on how I feel and the finances.