Monday, 22 February 2010

Monday 22nd February

Today I shall mostly be painting 15mm Napoleonic British (again) and some 15mm US Para mortars. The Napoleonics will be the 2nd Battalion, 30th (Cambridgeshire) Regiment, which have white belts and yellow facings. No buff there at all. The Paras are some I have had in my spares box for ever, so ebay beckons for them once they are done.

My painting list is ever expanding, as we speak I have more to paint. Things on the list at the moment are (in no particular order)
4 Battalions of 36 Napoleonic French Infantry
8 Battalions of 32 Napoleonic British Infantry
2 Regiments of Napoleonic British Heavy Cavalry
US Para mortar section of 17 figures
2 US Para MG sections each with 17 figures
WW2 Italians for PBI (about 100 figures, 6 light tanks and 3 AT guns)
12 WW1 Highland Infantry (Musketeer)
12 WW1 British Infantry (Musketeer)
2 Hobbits (GW)
9 Ringwraiths (GW)
120 Uruk-Hai (GW)
36 Rohan Cavalry (GW)
48 Rohan Infantry (GW)
6 boxes of plastic ACW infantry (Perrys)
2 boxes of plastic ACW Cavalry (Perrys)
2 boxes of plastic Wars of the Roses infantry (Perrys)
24 British Paras (BAM and Foundry)
9 assorted German vehicles and tanks
200+ Persians of various makes
Smaller scale
Spaceships for Full Thrust
1/600 WW2 Battle of Britain aircraft for Bag the Hun 2.

That's just what I can remember off hand. There's more. The Napoleonic stuff is not for me, neither are the German vehicles. The rest is mine though. Maybe I do too many periods..........NAAAAHHHHH!

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