Friday, 6 March 2015

Parcel Farce strikes again

I just love ordering things that turn out to be delivered not delivered by Parcel Farce.  I order things and hope that it's somebody else delivering, be it Yodel, DHL, MyherpesHermes.  Anybody else.  Anybody at all, even if its drunken old Fred who always smells like he's been drinking since 6am.  At least he always delivers on the delivery day, like he's bloody paid to!  Unlike Parcel Farce who don't bother.  Track your parcel online they say, so I did.  It was on the delivery vehicle at 03:46 this morning.  So I waited, and waited.  Then I waited some more because "We deliver until 5.30pm" it says.  Except they don't because they are lying bar-stewards.  At 5.14pm my parcel was returned to the depot!  No attempt at delivery, no call to say "Sorry", no return call after I ring the "Plymouth" number and get put through to someone in Wales who says she will message them and they will call you back!  No bloody contact at all in fact.  About as useful as a chocolate fireguard and as welcome as a turd in a jacuzzi!

So, anybody who sends me stuff, please use somebody else.  Please!

In other news, I done did some painting!  I finally finished the big Shadows of Brimstone monster and some Dead Man's Hand casualties and riderless horses, so here they are.  They have been posted off to Germany now.
Dead Man's Hand casualties and horses
Harbinger, a massive beastie!

So, there you go.  I am now painting some 28mm WW2 Russians, before going back to the 15mm Napoleonics.  Have fun and catch you later.

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