Friday, 31 October 2014

Secret Santa, Flockbox and yet more painting.

Hello again,  I'm back with another update of absolutely no importance.

In a moment of madness I signed up to Chris Stoesen's Secret Santa project.  So I have bought, painted and based my "secret" and it will be soon winging it's way to the far reaches of New Hampshire, USA.  I won't put up a picture until after Christmas as I want it to be a surprise for the unfortunate chap who got me as his Santa!

Talking of Santa, my lovely wife has bought me an early present so I am now the proud owner of a Flockbox.  I have had a play about with it and it really does make a difference.  The static grass stands up and looks like grass, as opposed to my usual mix of flock and flat grass.  I am impressed and I will almost certainly end up rebasing lots of my based figures as it looks so much better.  The first figures I have used it on are shown below, along with the last figures I based with my old system.

British Highlander extras
Painting has been somewhat slow, but fairly steady.  I managed to find, paint and base the remaining BEF 1940 Highlanders that I had left over. Another 12 Highlanders, supported by another Vickers MG with 3 crew.  I just need a 2pdr and some bren carriers to make the force fairly complete.

1940 German Platoon
I also managed to get a full platoon of 1940's German infantry painted up, these are from the Plastic Soldier Company box.  There are 59 figures, making 2 commanders and 4 squads with support in the shape of a 5cm mortar and an AT rifle.  There are also 4 spare LMGs and 4 extra riflemen.  These have been based with the flockbox, so upright grass is all over the place.  I just need to add an HMG, Pak gun and some form recce elements.  Then it's on to the French that I bought in January!

I am now cleaning up some more Cowboy figures for Germany again, Lawmen and Desperados this time.  There will be a slight delay on these though as I am off to London on Sunday to see the Tower of London poppies before they are taken away after the 11th of November.

Well that's it for now, I am off to do something less productive.  Keep rolling those dice folks.


  1. I'd like to se the poppies too, but, although Jude would rearrange child minding things, if I went without Chris, who's chances of arranging leave with less than a decade's notice are nil, there'd be a two year period of black looks etc. If I did go with Chris, she'd never tolerate a one or two dayer in London. No, she only does a five or seven day minimum including trips to the bucket shops for show tickets and other sundry excitements.
    So, enjoy the trip and put up some photos.

    1. Oh dear, Tina has arranged this 2 day trip for us as I said how much I would like to see the poppies. She likes the shows too, but tends to go with her daughter and our potential future daughter-in-law. I will take some photos, if I take enough some may even be in focus! Take care mate.