Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Dux Non-Battle, Empire and other such stuff.

Last night was supposed to be the next battle in the ongoing Dux campaign.  Colin's Saxon Raiders were set to face off against Andy's Romano-British.  The table was all set up with a nice Church to be raided by the Saxons.  Colin came on and got 3 moves before the defenders would arrive,  Colin promptly rolled 36" for their move, which got them to the church before any defenders appeared.  Andy then got 2 units to arrive, while Colin searched the Church for loot with 2 units.  Each unit rolls 1D6 to search, needing a 6 to find the cash.  Two successful searches are required to find enough loot to make the raid worthwhile.  Colin rolled two dice.....two 6's in turn 4 and the Saxons were off again, heading for the safety of the border.  Andy never got anywhere near him so it was the quickest and least bloody game of Dux we have ever had.  Colin won by 2, giving him more cash and, as both sides failed to lose a single figure, they are all available for the next turns campaigning.

I am facing off against Nathan next week, who I scraped a 1 point win against last time.  Wish me luck folks as he is out for revenge.

While the Dux game went on downstairs, the rest of us piled into Lorraine's kitchen, seized control of the table, kettle and biscuit tin and had a game of Empires of the Ancient World.  Most of us enjoyed it, with one exception.  As they say, you can't please all the people all the time. Anyway, its a good game involving military, trade and diplomatic facets.  I managed to win by having more trade points than anybody else, which gave me lots of victory points.  I was aided by Nathan, Gus, Panjo and Zob all fighting each other every turn. 

Saturday is a lads day out to Penarth, which is in Welsh Wales, for the first wargames show of the year, Crusade.  I am looking forward to it, as I only got to one show last year.  A few purchases will not doubt occur, but the main point is just the day out with the lads.  A slight hiccup has arisen though.  Nathan, who was driving us up in his big new car, has had a slight accident with a van who, cleverly, decided not to stop when Nathan did and ran into the back of him at a roundabout.  Nathan seems to be ok, but the car may well end up off the road for the weekend.  If so, then we will all have to climb into our Citroen and drag ourselves up to the show.  Obviously, this is all dependant on the weather not getting any worse. 

Well, off now to feel sick downstairs while watching Dredd on dvd.  Hope the dice roll in your favour, unless your Nathan!  ;-)

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  1. Non-battles like that do have the advantage of being short :D I'd have gone with the next month's campaigning straightaway, meself :D