Friday, 7 December 2012

Wars of the Roses

Red Shirts, ready to fire blunt arrows and miss everything
Tomorrow is the monthly meeting of the Devon Wargames Group in Exeter.  Our December meeting is always a big, multi-player battle with all the attending players taking part.  This year its a big Wars of the Roses game, with many players providing units and much chaos ensuing.

Mercenary types, with those crossbow things
To be ready for this, I have painted the last 36 of my Perrys plastic figures.   I now have a modest force of four foot units.  Two are nine bases strong, each with a Captain(with the flag), a bodyguard, three Billmen and four archer bases.  The third is some mercenaries, with a Captain, three Billmen and four crossbowmen bases.  The final unit has a Captain, a bodyguard and eight archer bases.                 

The whole force, although I may well get some more.....eventually
The idea is to shoot anything that comes near, especially those donkey-walloper types with all the shiny armour and pointy sticks. 

I also made up some markers using the arrows in the ground from the plastics boxes.  These can be used for disorder, extra arrows etc.

In other news, JJ has now set himself up a blog to showcase all his stuff.  He is a painting machine, with way too much spare time and too much nicely painted stuff not too have sold his soul!  Nice bloke though so please pop over there and have a look.

Oh, and Battlefront have finally delivered the Pak 43s I have been waiting for.  It only took 7 weeks.  The only fly in the ointment is the miscast muzzlebrake on one of the barrels.  :(

Keep rolling those dice, they supposedly average out eventually. 

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