Saturday, 3 April 2010

15mm WW2 figures!!!

I have finished the 8 gun 25pdr Battery, a Stug Company and a Panzergrenadier Platoon this week.

Here's the guns, enough to upset any German commanders day. The battery also includes 1 medium and 3 small command stands, 2 OP stands, 2 OP Carriers and 1 Jeep. I have based the limbers separately from the guns as it seemed too crowded with it on the gun base.

Panzergrenadiers, and plenty of them. 1 Sd251/10, 3 Sd251/1, 1 Command team and 6 rifle/MG teams. Plenty of firepower there.

And finally some armoured support for the Panzergrenadiers. 5 Stug IIIG's, all ready to open fire on some poor Sherman/T-34.

All the vehicles were the first tries with an airbrush and I think they came out pretty well. Off to paint some more Napoleonics now, the joy of this is exceeded only by my indifference to painting Napoleonics.

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