Monday, 19 May 2014

More Survivors are needed.

After an almost reasonable sleep last night (I managed a massive 4 hours!) I feel almost human again. Saturday was pretty bad though, it's nice to feel reasonable again.  So, here I go again with the weekends efforts.

First up, I have added a Cold War CoC page, so all my ideas for playing Chain of Command in the 1980's period well be in one place.  So far there is a list of the rules amendments and a rough idea for a British force list to go on there, but for some reason I can't upload them at the moment.  When Blogger lets me upload them please have a look and give comments/ideas on anything that seems wrong.  It is very much a playtest idea at the moment and needs a lot of polishing.

Painting has also happened, some Wargames Factory female survivors this time.  A few of us chipped in and bought a couple of boxes of survivors last year and, although I painted my 10 male survivors quickly, the women languished in an unpainted state until Sunday.  A quick spray of undercoat and some playing about resulted in another batch of survivors to fight off the zombie plague..

Here are the 10 women, a reasonable mix of figures, although some of the poses are a bit awkward and you need to be careful which arms you use with which torso.

I will show the 20 survivors in pairs now, just because I can.
 Shotguns rule.......Well for these two they do.  She has a double barreled shotgun while his appears to be a semi-auto model.  His apparel leans towards a beach lover type of look, while she is more of a country gal, with her John Deere cap and knee length boots.

Nice enough figures though.

Kids can fight too, although I am not sure the ginger lad should have an SMG!  I changed the hands of the powder blue princess so she could have a semi-auto pistol rather than the revolver with scope that she is supposed to have.  Again, nice enough figures and she looks kinda cute with her part dress and big boots.

 This pair have obviously emptied their rifles and are now down to their backup pistols.  He has an M16 and wears jeans and a hoody with a backwards baseball cap finishing off his "youth" look.  She is in a more sporty shorts and vest outfit with an SA80.  Both look pretty good I think and will do.

 The "Punisher" and a more military looking woman. Jeans and a vest(emblazoned with a white skull) for him, while he aims with his SMG and holds a large knife ready.  She is wearing woodland camo trousers, a green/yellow tee shirt and a khaki waistcoat while a Springfield sniper rifle is on her back and an Uzi is in her right hand.  Not the best poses, he seems to lean backwards, but again they will do.

M16s are popular with these two.  He is in jeans and a white tee shirt with a red baseball cap.  An M16 is on his back while he holds a baseball bat and celebrates the tin of beans he has found.  She holds an M16 and is clad in chocolate chip camo trousers and a green long sleeved top.

 The RPG and the molotov.  Which is best?  She is a more chunky model and is holding the RPG in an odd way.  She looks ok though and matches the chunky man well, both is shorts and tee shirts and wearing flip-flops.  He is in an overall, so appears to be a mechanic.  Armed with a raised machete and a molotov, he looks like he is ready for action.

The cowgirl and the cop.  He is painted up as a state trooper of some state or other.  He has full belt kit but is using an M16 here.  She wears black trousers and a brown vest, topped off with a black cowboy hat.  Cradling an AK in her left hand while firing a Mac-10 with her right she looks ready to upset some zombies day.

 The bow and pistols.  Not overly happy with the bow armed women, but she will do I guess.  In a white miniskirt and blue bustier top she aims and is ready to loose at her target.  He looks more normal, wearing khaki trousers and a green vest topped off with a USMC cap.  He is using twin pistols, which seems like a reasonable choice.

The bible basher and the blonde.  He is in a brown trenchcoat over jeans and a tee shirt.  A bible is raised in his left hand while he readies a pistol in the right.  She is also in jeans, topped by a white vest top.  While firing a Mac-10 in her left hand she holds a hunting crossbow in her right.  I attempted to paint it so it looked sort of like this one, it's reasonably close but not great.

Sculder and Mully.  Suited figures with pistols, she is in a black suit and aims her pistol in a double handed stance.  He suit is grey and he has a machete to back up his pistol.  Closest I will get to having an FBI couple anyway.

So there they are, 20 assorted survivors ready for whatever game we can come up with.  I am out playing Zombicide again tonight, then hoping to paint some Napoleonics tomorrow, if I get any sleep tonight.  Catch you later.

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