Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Damn you Insomnia.......

So here I am again, its 2.16am and yet again I can't sleep.  Stomach ache and vomiting does not a good nights sleep make.  At least I have been productive this morning, so it's not been a total washout.  I have been beavering away on some Allied type jump off points for my 15mm WW2 forces.  I made some German ones earlier this year so thought I should really have a go at some for the Allies.

I have had a couple of Baueda supply dump style bases for some time now, so they have finally been painted.  There is nothing on them to specify which side they belong to, so they are generic jump off points now.

I am also making a couple of themed bases, so have been busy painting up some assorted figures and vehicles.  I should(hopefully) get them stuck to their bases before I go back to bed, it depends how much longer they take to dry properly.  Then I will finish them either tomorrow evening or Thursday, so there will be another update with pictures to come then.

To keep you gong, here is a picture of the few bits I did get painted last week, ready for use at Legionary.

I modified my "official" Too Fat Lardies jump off points to make them a bit more modern.  Basically I cut off the WW2 weapons and replaced them with more modern NATO weapons.  One has an SLR, one an M16 and the last on has a Carl Gustav.  I also painted up a few old(Mongrel Miniatures) and a few new(Empress Miniatures) figures to give the Russians some support options apart from tanks and BMPs.  There is an AGS-17 automatic grenade launcher, a Kord hmg(which fills in for a KPV hmg) and an 9K111 AT-4 Spigot anti-tank missile team, all from Empress Miniatures.  These are joined by five Mongrel Miniatures figures from the 10th Company packs.  A nice selection of bits to add to my Cold War collection.  I am just waiting on a delivery of SPG-9s and DShKs from Eureka Miniatures now. 

Right, I'm off to see if the vehicles are dry, then it's off to bed.  It's now 2.30 and I should really try to get some sleep.  I hate being wide awake at this time of night as it will totally screw up tomorrow for me as well.  Catch you later. 

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