Thursday, 15 May 2014

Devon Wargames May meeting

It's been a week and I have had a few nights of decent sleep, so things are looking good so far this week (quickly touching as many bits of wood as I can reach).  Last Saturday saw the May meeting of the Devon Wargames Group, so I shoved the sons into the car and set off for Exeter.  I was putting on another game of Chain of Command, 15mm WW2 France this time to make a change from 28mm Cold War.  The two chaps who asked me to put it on didn't turn up so I hosted my sons Christopher and Michael using the Germans against Ian and Charlie using the British.

 The Germans were coming on from the left, using an elite Falschirmjager platoon, support being an additional Panzerschreck team and a medic.  The British, a regular rifle platoon, had a Dingo, a Cromwell and a medic.  The Germans were pinned back by aggressive British patrol moves, so all their jump-off points were close to each other and the were well back from the strategic hotel building.    

The Germans were winning the war of attrition due to their extra LMGs, but the British initiated charges, relying on close combat to balance out their lack of firepower.  It was the only way they could hope to win, as 6 MG42s dish out a lot more firepower than 3 Brens, 48 dice vs 18 in fact.  However the Cromwell was doing well, laying in support fire and destroying both Panzerschreck teams as it advanced on the left flank.

After the Cromwell laid in HE fire and cleared an LMG team, the British rushed into the now undefended ground floor.  Hand grenades flew back and forward, before the remaining British ran upstairs and wiped out the German LMG team.  Casualties were high though and the British squad ended up being broken as well due to losses and shock.  Mutual destruction.

The other British squads also charged in, managing to break another German squad before being broken by fire from the remaining German squad.  In the end the Germans fell back as leader casualties and 2 wiped out squads reduced their force morale from 9 to 3 .  The British were only just ok, with their force morale at 5 from a start of 10.  All in all it went pretty well and I think they all enjoyed it. 
The other games were  Muskets & Tomahawks, put on by Chas, and French Foreign Legion against Arabs by Nathan using his new fort.  Both games looked good and, judging by the volume of the players, went pretty well.  All in all not a bad day out and a pleasant way to spend a damp day.  Myself and Nathan won't be there in June as we are attending OML2 in Evesham, but we will be back for July.

 Painting wise, I have done a few bits and pieces.  Three additional 28mm jump off points, Warsaw Pact this time.  One is a TFL model while the others are made up using Baueda barrels and boxes with weapons from Wargames Factory Survivors sprues.

I also got a few 15mm bits done.  Two Daimler armoured cars and a pair of Dingos that I have had for years.  One of the Dingos has been used as a jump off point, with a dismounted British tank crew figure "capturing" a pair of German tankies.  I also got a German HMG crew finished which has been looking at me accusingly for the last 2 months.

I am now starting on some more Zombicide figures, as we have cracked open the original game to divvy up the Zombies.  I currently have 8 zombies, 5 survivors and 5 zombivores on the go.  Will I get them all done by Monday......I very much doubt it.  I am looking forward to painting Sean Connery Rob the security expert and Anthony Hopkins Achille the serial killer.  The other lads all have some figures to paint up as well, having finished the contents of Toxic City Mall.  We played a game of Zombicide on Monday night and somehow managed to get everybody off alive.

Ah well, off now to slap some paint onto some plastic.  Have fun folks and keep rolling those dice.

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