Monday, 2 June 2014

Buildings all around

Time flies when your having fun and it fairly rattles along when your not.  I have been up and down like a yoyo for the last week or so, good days being outnumbered by bad not-so-good days unfortunately.  I am still smiling, though some days it's through gritted teeth.  I have been afflicted with stupid people lately, not through choice but through having to talk to them due to being ill.  The bad bit is I find I have a lot less patience with people now than I did before I got ill and, apparently, my comments to some of them have been "less polite" than they should have been.  In my defence I present picture number 1.
 And in reply to any further complaints from said people, please refer to picture number 2.
Please note that this may or may not be aimed primarily at a certain medical type person that I have had several dealings with over the last few weeks.  It appears that having a medical degree allows you to act like a complete Caring Understanding Nineties Type.  Normal service will now be resumed.

I have managed a bit of wargaming, well boardgaming to be exact.  Monday nights gaming session was of reduced numbers as Panjo, Andy and Colin were all AWOL, leaving Stumpy, Zob and myself to play the Game of Thrones boardgame.  I won as the Lannisters, but only because none of us really knew what we were doing and the other two let me capture the 7 castles I needed to achieve one of the victory conditions.  It was pretty good though and we may be playing it again tonight, but this time with more people.  Alternatively we will be playing a gangsters game if Colin has sorted it out.

Painting wise I have struggled a bit this week.  I did manage to paint up 6 Peter Pig Normandy buildings from Gus' collection.  These are going to go on ebay at some point soon.
Pair of houses front

 First up is a nice pair of semidetached houses, a nice model with a stone chimney at the rear.

Farmhouse front
Pair of shops front

Barn front

Then there is a pleasant farmhouse, a more ramshackle looking building but it has some very nice features.

The third building is a pair of shops, one with a nice poster advert on the end.  The smaller one also has a shed/workshop on the rear of it.

Then we have the barn, a nice addition for the farmhouse.  The roof has a couple of holes in it and the plaster has started to crumble badly but it does look nice.

Shop front
A single shop, closed up with metal shutters on the large windows is next.  Another advertisement on the wall of this one.
Cafe front
 Last but definitely not least is the Cafe, necessary for those early morning coffee and croissant moments.

So there they are, the total output of my painting over the last week.  It has been hindered a bit by visiting out in-laws, but it is mostly my own failings that have hindered me.  Sadly finances, family and health prevented me going to Partizan yesterday.  Hopefully I will get to The Other Partizan in a couple of months.  I will be at Evesham in a few days though, sick or not, skint or not I shall be there ready to roll dice and fail to hit anything.

Keep rolling those dice folks, they can't all come up on 1's can they?

As I final thought bear this in mind.

A married man should forget his mistakes.
There is no point in two people remembering the same thing!

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