Monday, 16 June 2014

Rorke's Drift Buildings

I finally managed to finish painting something.  Unfortunately is wasn't for me, but you can't have everything can you?  So, here they are, 4grounds Rorke's Drift buildings painted up for Nathan and delivered to him yesterday.

The buildings themselves were from Gus' collection, bought by Nathan and then I was talked into painting them for him.   The details on them are nice, with push out sections for loopholes and to allow passage from room to room, but so many bricks!  Biggest problem was getting the roof sections to fit properly after doing the teddybear fur thatch.  All in all I am happy with them, they took enough coats of paint to cover the mdf, which seems to have the absorbancy of a sponge.

Front detail
Storehouse front
Lots and lots of little rooms
Left side
Steps up to the first floor
Roof section removed
Hospital front
Hospital rear

Whole roof removed

Roof removed and mezzanine floor left

Now all I have left to paint is a load of mealie bag defences, some boxes and 6 assorted carts.  I have put them on hold for a little while though as I am painting some 15mm Napoleonic British, because I have somehow not painted enough of the redcoated little buggers! 

Have fun folks and keep rolling those damn dice.


  1. Excellent work! Are some of those wall pieces set to be punched out as the battle progresses for loop-holes, etc?

    1. Hi Terry, yes that is the idea for them.

  2. I find that coating the whole thing with some watered down PVA glue helps reduce the tendancy for msdf to soak up gallons of paint.

    You can mis the thinned PVA with some filler if you want a bit of texture.

    1. Thanks, I should have done that, I did it on some buildings I painted before but completely forgot it for these. I must be getting old.

  3. Very nice mate. Looking forward to playing this

    1. thanks JJ. I reckon it'll be fun to run through the rooms with "farsands" of Zulus chasing you.....not! Hopefully I'll see you on Saturday.