Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Dux Britanniarum Campaign

The Monday night group have been playing a multi-player Dux Britanniarum campaign for the better part of a year now.  The campaign is based on the map of the South West of England (there's a surprise) that you find in the rule book, with 3 nasty, smelly, uncouth and hairy Saxon warlords doing their best to kill/enslave/drive out the resident civilised, polite and cultured Romano-British people.

The record of battles and current standings after 6 turns(months) are as follows.
Paeda (Colin)    6 raids, gaining an Emperors Ransom(9) in loot, a unit of skirmishers and 2 extra warriors.  He is about to "buy" promotion to the next rank.  43 kills, 38 casualties

Oswald (Nathan)  2 raids and 2 defeats, gaining a Patricians Purse(4) in loot.  18 kills, 25 casualties

Egric (Zob)  4 defeats in 6 months, with no profit gained.  37 kills, 50 casualties

Meilir (Andy)  1 win and 2 defeats, gaining a Beggars Bowl(1). Meilir was captured by Paeda and has to be replaced by a new Lord.  32 kills, 30 casualties

Constantine (Me)  3 wins and 1 defeat, gaining a Tribunes Tribute(3), a Priest and a unit of skirmishers.  56 kills, 34 casualties

Erb (Panjo)  2 wins and 1 defeat, gaining a Tribunes Tribute(3).  25 kills, 34 casualties

Colin is currently walking away with this campaign, although his losses have been quite heavy.  He always seems to manage a win in a decisive combat, which then forces the Britons to retire in an effort to keep their losses down. 

He has also been sending out "The Saxon Times", a write up of his victorious engagements, from a purely Saxon view.   I have created an extra page to put these on as they can be quite long, so please pop over there and have a look. 

There are only 2 turns of this campaign year remaining and Colin has been checking up the siege and battle sections of the rules, so expect big news to come soon(ish).


  1. Out of curiosity how are you handling the multiplayer campaign?

  2. Hi, we have an even number of players, so 3 are Saxons and 3 are Britons. The way we are working it is each Briton noble commands a region on the map, with the Saxons randomly attacking someone each turn. To keep it fair no Briton may be attacked by more than 1 Saxon each turn. It's that simple, but works pretty well. So far the Saxons have won 5 raids, lost 7 raids but also have had 5 unopposed raids.