Sunday, 16 June 2013

Bad start but improves later

This last week had a bad start due to me overdoing it last weekend.  Its my own fault and it will hopefully not happen least not for a while anyway.

Last Mondays wargame was another bout in the ongoing Dux campaign.  Colins and his ever-victorious Saxons came up against my outnumbered Britons.  Unfortunately things did not go entirely to plan.
Initial placement of the objective (a church) was not the best, being only 4' or so up the table.  Then the initial arrivals for the Britons was only 2 groups.
Turn 3 saw the rest of the Britons arrive as the early birds moved around to the right of the church in an effort to prevent a Saxon flank attack.
The British Lord looks on as his levy gather themselves for battle.
Meanwhile the Saxon lord bravely led his men from the rear, although his "champion" is in the front rank.
The forces gather as the Saxons pull their lines and and the Britons gather near their warlord.
I missed taking photos for a turn, but the crux of the matter was the Saxons sent a noble and group into the church to gather loot while the other group faced off against the cream of the British force.  One charge and quick round of combat later saw the Saxon group seen off and the Britons threatening the flank of the main Saxon line.
The view from the British Warlord, now safely positioned behind his shieldwall.

The Saxon line withdrew, while the Britons removed shock and readied themselves for battle.
In a change of plan the Saxons threw themselves at the smaller, but better quality, British shieldwall.  A couple of rounds of battle saw the results seesaw from one side to the other, before excess shock drove back the British.

Luckily for the Britons though, the Saxons were also suffering a bit from shock.  Unfortunately the Saxons in the church then rushed out into the rear of the Britons disordered units, killing enough to rout one unit and force the British to leave the field.  I nearly had him, but the flank charge won the game and the Saxons won by 3.  Buggeration. 
The other half of the table had Panjo's British facing off against Zob's Saxons again.  Zob ended up charging at a formed shieldwall that was uphill of him and, despite his best dice, he was forced back and conceded the table. 
So Panjo's village was saved and Zob is still winless.
Panjo did do a good impression of "The Claw", not sure how it helped his force but he won anyway.

Zob did not look impressed with "The Claw" though.

Here are the "Chuckle Brothers" having a good time as Colin tries to focus on the action.
Painting wise, this week was a bit of a wash out due to feeling crap until Wednesday.  Since then I have managed to paint some German armour, with 5 Plastic Soldier Company Pzkpfw IVs and 6 Battlefront Stugs getting layered with paint.  These have all been bought by Stumpy to join his ever expanding German army.  It makes a change from Tigers though, which is nice.

He wanted foliage on them all as well, which I have tended to avoid on anything with a turret.  Hopefully these look ok though and the bush bits don't stop the turrets from being moved.

Well, not too much anyway.
All the Stugs are from the Open Fire box, but these 3 have had replacement barrels as they were bought put together on ebay and the muzzlebrakes were on backwards.  Luckily I had a couple of spare 75s and a 105 barrel in the bit box, so here they are.

Final news is about Fathers Day and what a cracking day it has been.  First off the kids (and my wife) all clubbed together and got me a Kindle Fire HD, which is rather nice.  Then my wife and I went off and watched After Earth in Exeter, which was also nice.  So all in all a good day. 

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