Sunday, 23 June 2013

Gunfight at Zobski's Saloon

Zobski's Saloon
 Last Monday night say us getting together for a first play of Tin Star.  Zob was away playing with real guns so the six of us remaining split into 2 gangs and had a fight over Zobski's Saloon.  Each of us had two gunfighters, one 4th rank and one 3rd rank.  One had a pistol while the other had a pistol and either a rifle or shotgun.  Starting off at opposites sides of the main street, we had at it and prepared to let fly.
The 3 Amigos
 The three desperadoes, or the rebels without a clue!  Colin, Nathan and Andy whose evil bunch of no-good sheep herders came into town to take on the law abiding, hard drinking cattlemen, led by Gus, Panjo and yours truly.
Gunfight at the KO Corral
The game uses a novel system, similar in some ways to Wings of War.  You get to select an appropriate number of actions depending on your rating, so a 3rd rank gets to pick 3 options while a 4th gets 4 options.  Each character then gets to take 3 of his selected actions, so higher rated characters don't get to do more, they just get to cover their bases better.

Injun Bob gets outflanked
 The combat system uses "special" dice, with the appropriate results for any weapon.  For example a shotgun only has a 1 in 6 chance of missing, but can only hit at short range, while a rifle misses 1 in 2 times but can hit out to long range.  Sounds a lot more complicated than it actually is, trust me.  There are also dice for movement, cover and under fire.  Basically, if what is on the dice has happened, then the shot has missed.
Two face of with the sheep rustler
Bang and Curly Bob goes down
The fight quickly went wrong for the sheep rustlers, as both Andy and Colin lost a character, then Colin's last man tried to gunfight both of mine.  He managed to take out one of them, but the other cut him down and secured the flank.  Nathan and Andy did their best against Gus and Panjo, but numbers  told and eventually they had to concede the town and were last seen hightailing for the prairie.
Swift retribution comes though
All in all it was well received and a fun game was had.  I will be posting more about these rules as time passes, it may even prompt me to paint the OK Corral figures I got from Games Workshop Historical many moons ago. 

There will be another post later on, but that's it for now.  Keep rolling those dice.


  1. Nice terrain. Did you make your own dice or did you just use normal d6s for Tin Star?

    1. Thanks Chris. We got some indented plastic dice from
      Their website also has a template to print out inserts for the dice, so you can quickly get them set up and ready to use. We now have 5 sets of the dice in the colours that Geoff has set for the game.