Friday, 14 June 2013

Market Larden debrief and Cowboys!

Last Saturday saw four of us get up early and head up to Market Larden, a Too Fat Lardies games day by the Wyvern Wargamers.  Nathan, Panjo, Gus and I all arrived at 8.45am, then set about catching up with various old friends and meeting new friends.  A friendly gathering with some excellent games on show promised a good day out. 
Tin Star Table
First table, and first game we played, was a Wild West skirmish called Tin Star.  Put on by Geoff Bond and his brother, this game was great.  A really simple but effective dice system and much fun was had.  Panjo snuck a win by managing to kill Nathans last character, with Gus and I deciding that discretion was the better part of valour.  This is one we will be playing soon.

The next table was Rich's CoC game, in 28mm for those with weakening eyesight.  ;)
Probably the busiest table of the day, the Germans appeared to win every game.  Nathan, Gus and Panjo all played this while I spent an hour kipping in the car as I felt crap.  I guess the early start and long drive caught up with me.

IABSM set up
 Next to CoC was a nice 15mm IABSM game put on by Ade Deacon.  His bedspread doubled up as fields while the British attempted to drive the Germans back.  Seemed to go pretty well, with plenty of smoke and lots of dice being thrown about.
Sharp Practice

Next up was a Sharp Practice 28mm Napoleonic game.  Run by Paul this looked cracking, with British troops coming off the boats and attempting to capture the village.
15mm moderns using I ain't been nuked Mum, and adaptation of IABSM was the set up on the nest table.  Nick Overland ran this and I, unfortunately, didn't manage to get a game in.  Nathan did and seemed to enjoy it, although we will probably play it in 6mm as we have so much of that already.
Mud and the Blood
 A very nice looking table was set up by Stuart and Mark, both Wyverns.  Russo-Japanese war was the conflict and very nice it looked too.  Pity its not my thing, but others seemed to enjoy it.

A Dux Britaniarium game was also set up, but I don't know who by.  I do know that the Saxons seemed to get seen off again.  Wish I managed that against Colin.

Panjo with planes

The sixth table was a 1930s Dieselpunk air combat game, set up by Nick Hawkins.  I got in a game of this and enjoyed it.  The movement templates were excellent and the game played well.  I got a hiding, but that didn't matter as the game was good.  Panjo also played this and, despite his history of aerial games, managed to get a kill. 
Dakka dakka dakka
 Here's Panjos lead plane opening fire on the oppositions wingman.
Lots of 1's, but more hits
 18 dice were rolled to hit, with Panjo managing to bring the target number down to 2+ bu using his special cards.  Five 1's meant his ammo was depleted, but 13 hits spelt doom for the target.

Despite the defenders best efforts, the plane fell to a fiery doom and the flight leader escaped off the table.

Happy Panjo
Panjo usually manages to fly into the ground when we play air combat games.......or he turns the wrong way and takes the rest of the game to get back into the fight.  He's even worse with ships, but we won't mention that on here, as he reads this and he's bigger than me. 

Anyway, it was a great day out, thoroughly enjoyed it and thanks to all those who put on the games and organised the day.  If its on again next year we will be there, dice in hand and ready to go.

Special thanks go out to Ade "Big Nose" Deacon for being the main man in the set up.  Sorry I didn't get a better chance to talk to you again Ade, but it was good to see you again. 
Big Nose


  1. Looks like a good day. Is that Matt of Glenbrook Games I spot at the CoC table??

  2. Superb looking tables all over, congratulations guys