Thursday, 7 February 2013

Zombies and Peter Pig

Monday night was Zombicide night and much fun was had.  We played 2 games and managed, just , to win both.  Zombicide is a cooperative game, where you definitely have too work together to have any chance of completing the mission.  Each survivor has special abilities and it is vital to use these to succeed.  Game one was won by the simple method of gathering as many zombies as possible into one zone, then chucking in a molotov to fry the lot.  We just managed it and then the 5 remaining survivors rushed in and cleared the building.  Game 2 was much harder and we ended up losing 3 of the 6 survivors, with my cop sacrificing himself to allow the 2 women survivors to rush in and claim the last objective.  Its a cracking game and I would consider getting it if I had £60 spare.  Sadly I don't, because I have spent it all on lead and plastic.

Last Friday I placed an order with Peter Pig for just over £80 worth of assorted ACW and AWI figures.  As I placed it late on Friday night, and I knew that they were going to Vapnartak in York on Sunday, I didn't expect any delivery any time soon.  Then the postie knocked on the door yesterday with a parcel from Mr and Mrs Piggy.  Cracking service as per usual and, again as usual, the figures are lovely.  I now have all the figures I need for my 2 AWI forces for Maurice.  I have painted up another 2 units of foot and 1 of horse this week, but am now back to painting for others again.  I have 53 US Paras on the pegs right now, to be followed by another unit of Napoleonic cavalry.

Loo-Brush trees.  I just don't like them much.
Saturday is another meeting of Devon Wargames Group, so I am out on Saturday, but have nothing on for Sunday.  My plan is to make some trees, using Woodlands Scenic armatures and foliage/flock.  Having seen some videos and tutorials on Big Lees and the Model Dads blogs,  I have decided to make my own as pre-made trees either look like green loo brushes or are damn expensive.  As I have matured got older my thoughts on what looks good on a table have changed.  When I started wargaming I used an old sheet with books underneath to make hills.  I am not knocking this as I had a great time using this simple method, but now I look at the table and think "It could look better".  So I have started spending money on terrain pieces as opposed to just buying more figures.  Hence things like the 4ground fences and walls or the Warbases buildings.  I still prefer to make it myself, even if just from a kit, but I am usually happy that I have done so.  Wish me luck with the trees though, I can see glue going everywhere.

It is now ten minutes to midnight and I am going to bed.  Catch you all later and keep rolling those dice.

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