Saturday, 2 February 2013

PAW gives a good day out

Plymouth Association of Wargamers put on a show every year and, being a local show, I do my best to attend.  Sadly I missed last years due to other commitments, but I went back this year.  It is always a friendly show, helped by the fact that I bump into a lot of people I have not seen for a while.  This year was no exception, I caught up with a few old friends from way back when I first got back into wargaming when I was in my mid 20's.  Graham and Robin were playing a 1930's British vs Bolshies game with, as usual, very nice figures and scenery.  Dave and Neal were also there, selling assorted wargaming goodies and books.  Guy was taking pictures for WSS, Tony was on the Black Scorpion stand while Andy was playing a naval game.  It was nice to catch up with them all again and it only happens because people organise local shows.  The traders were good, not with the full range as you see at Reading or Salute, but still a nice mix.  There were some excellent looking games too, especially the ACW naval game, pictures being on JJ's blog as I forgot my camera....again.

My purchases were all that I had planned, plus some extras.  I got some more 4ground 15mm fences and some of their walls.  I also got another cart and cart loads, plus the impulse purchase of a 15mm Hotel, also from 4ground. These were all courtesy of Colonel Bill, who is always friendly and has many wonderful suggestions to relieve you of your money.  Bargain of the day was a mint copy of War & Conquest for £5, plus a box of Gripping Beast plastic Saxons for the same price.  Thanks Dave.

I came home to watch the rugby, then wished I hadn't bothered after Wales first half attempts at playing rugby.  They were much improved in the 2nd half, but had already lost the match by then.  :(

So, I then went up to my man-cave and started gluing mdf together.  Now the walls are made, the cart is made and the hotel is made.  I am very impressed with the building and will definitely consider getting some more.  I already have a lot of 15mm buildings, having bought all the Landmark buildings from Ade at Battlehonours up in Evesham, when they first came out. They are great for 15mm wargames, but I do like the fact that you can put figures in the buildings of the 4ground models.

Anyway, I am off to read the scenario notes before going to JJ's to play tomorrow.  Its a good job my other half loves me, I was out last Saturday at Crusade, today at PAW, tomorrow at JJ's and next Saturday at the Devon Wargames meeting.  There's not many people get that much time for playing with toy soldiers. 

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