Thursday, 14 February 2013

Monday Wargames and more Painting

Monday night saw the lads don their flying hats and get engaged in a WW2 dogfight.  The game was played using the Wings of Glory cards, but with 1/144 models supplied by Colin.  The scenario saw 3 Ju-87 Stukas with a single Me109 escort trying to attack a munitions factory and an airfield.  The Brits had 4 Hurricanes to try and mess things up.  The game went well.  Andy and I flew the Stukas, Colin attempted to escort us with the Me109 and Panjo, Zob, Gus and Nathan had the Hurricanes.

Panjo turned the wrong way after one turn and spent the rest of the game trying to get back into the fight.  Colin meandered all over the sky, failing to stop any of the Hurricanes from getting to the Stukas and eventually bailing out after somebody fired at him.  Nathan and Zob got in amongst the Stukas, shooting down 2 of them. Gus flew into the middle of the Stukas and was shot down by the combined fire from them.  Andy managed to bomb an AA gun before being shot down.  My first stuka managed to hit the factory and then broke up, while the second hit the airfield and managed to escape.  The end result was damage to the factory and airfield plus1 Hurricane shot down, but the pilot bailed out, for 2 Stukas and 1 Me109.  It was a laugh though.

Trees, lovely trees.
American AWI forces so far
 As I mentioned last week, I have made some trees up.  Using the Woodlands Scenic armatures, bushes and glue, I have made 27 trees between 3" and 5" in size.  They look pretty good, although I do need to drybrush the trunks before the are finished.  I have ordered some tree bases from 4ground to put them onto, so expect more pictures some time next week.

I have also been plodding on through my AWI project.  I now have 5 British line infantry units done, along with 8 line infantry,  4 irregulars, 1 cavalry and 3 guns for the Americans.  There are still several more units to do, 3 infantry and 1 cavalry for the Americans and 3 infantry, 1 cavalry and 3 guns for the British.

Still, its coming on and I am happy with the way they are looking.  The American units were selected so that each unit has a different uniform, just because I could.  The British either have different facings or different hats.
British AWI so far

The plan is to us them at the Legionary show in May, but Gus has not had a reply from them yet.  Still going to finish them ready for it, just in case they decide to let us in.

Plastic Para Platoon
The other painting I have been doing this week has been some 15mm US paratroopers for Flames of War.  These are not mine, but for a nice chap called Andy.  He sent me the new plastic paras and the really nice Easy Company pack.  I am impressed with both lots and will be getting the Easy figures to add to my PBI force.  I love the "Bull" figure, with the cigar in his mouth.  Anyway, here they are on their snowy bases ready for battle.

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