Sunday, 24 February 2013

I keep forgetting my camera!

First up is an apology.  I keep forgetting to either take pictures with my phone or take my camera to take pictures.  Because I keep forgetting there are no pictures of the games I have played this week. 

Monday night was Zombie night again as we played Zombicide.  A quick set up saw the 6 survivors trying to kill as many zombies as possible.  We won if any survivor got into the "Red" section of their experience.  We had a plan, which was scuppered by finding the abomination in the first building we entered.  As none of us could kill it, we then ran around trying to find the parts for a molotov, which is the only weapon that can kill the big beastie.  Despite a slight problem with "team-work" for some people, we managed to keep the abomination away from us.  We then discovered how deadly cars are, so Nathan spent the rest of the game mowing down zombies while avoiding the abomination.  With the car hitting any zombies (except the abomination) on a 4+ when it enters the square or leaves the square, he quickly racked up the necessary kills and we all survived.  Hurrah for us!

After Monday I spent the week feeling pretty crap and painting Napoleonics.  Belgian Carabiniers and Old Guard foot artillery this week, along with a few more of my 15mm AWI.  The good news is that I have now painted 500 15mm figures this year, as well as a few 25s, some buildings and made some trees.  All in all not a bad start to the year.

Yesterday Gus and I went over to play a game of Maurice in Nathans new wargames room.  A quick throw together game saw the British attack the French in game 1.  Nathan had the French and gave Gus' British a damn good thrashing.  Gus' attack never really got moving and he has definitely upset the Maurice dice gods.  Game 2 saw Nathans French attacking the British, now under my command.  This time the French lost, but only because we ran out of cards.  Things were made easy for the British as I had 2 towns beside each other and I sat elite troops in both and sat back awaiting the attack.  The battle ended up a lot closer than the previous game.  Both sides lost 4 units, but Nathan had less points left at the end and ran out of cards first, which gave the game to the British.

Today I am painting again, hopefully.  It all depends as the outlaws in-laws are here and I may have to do family things instead.  There are way too many women in this house today as my wife has 5 sisters and they all seem to produce girls at an alarming rate.  Boys are a minority in her family tree!

Right, off I go so wish me luck.

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