Friday, 1 February 2013

Painting, PAW and Zombicide.

Hello again.  It's time for another rambling post. 

The last 12 months have been up and down for me.  The ongoing stomach problem is getting a bit old now, started last March and still no sign of the medics finding out what it is.  Ah well, life goes on.  I'll keep taking the tablets matron.  This was countered by good things, culminating in the birth of a granddaughter a few weeks ago.  So it's not all bad, there are bright points. 

Painting wise, I slumped a bit last year, mainly due to feeling ill and being in and out of hospital.  I have pushed myself a bit more this month, I find keeping a painting log of the figures I have painted is working to make me do more.  So far this year I have painted 263 15mm figures, 21 25mm figures and 4 buildings.  The 15's have been mixed between figures for me (92) and figures for customers (181), while the 25's are all mine!!!  I have an ongoing order with a very dodgy nice chap in Cornwall for thousands (literally) of 15mm Napoleonic figures.  The only problem is I find painting them a struggle, so I mix them up with other things in between.  So I painted up 40 Prussians, then I did 16 AWI British.  This system has helped to push me on, as I get my own stuff painted up a bit quicker now as it is like a reward for painting the commissions.  I am about to start some 15mm US Paras for another customer, the new plastic figures and the Easy Company pack from Battlefront, which look very nice.  They will also make a change from uniforms with white crossbelts.

Tomorrow I shall mostly be in Plymouth, attending the annual PAW show.  I missed it last year due to rugby on Saturday, then working Saturday night prevented me from going on the Sunday too.  Sunday is out again as I have been invited to JJ's to play a Napoleonic game, but I will be shopping tomorrow.  Not much planned for as I went to Penarth last week, but I will get some more 4ground fences if they are there, plus maybe some of their 15mm walls too.  I don't expect to be back late, besides the rugby 6 Nations starts tomorrow. 

While Nathan and I were playing Dux on Monday, the other 5 were upstairs playing Zombicide.  It looked like a lot of fun and the cooperative side of the game brought out lots of bickering and arguing.  The game itself looks awesome though, with over 70 figures and some nice elements to how the "survivors" work together.  I say "survivors" because they didn't manage to survive last Monday.  Despite Panjo having twin SMGs and mowing down lots of zombies, the weight of numbers told and they were all zombie food in both games they played.  We are all playing it next week, so look out for a report on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Off now to start February's painting.  Keep rolling those dice.

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