Saturday, 17 January 2015

Devon Wargames and painting some French people

 Now that the grandchildren are out with my wife I can sit down and do a wargames update.  Last Saturday was the first meeting of 2015 for the Devon Wargames Group.  A large turnout enjoyed a mixed bag of games.  Jon has already done a nice write up of his AWI game, the other offerings were a Bush Wars Chain of Command by Steve and Chas or Star Wars X-Wing by Steve and Phil(I think). 

 First up is a pic of the X-Wing game, which included over 20 ships and seemed to be enjoyed by the people who played it.  I already have some ships for this, so it's no temptation luckily.  I can't say the same about the forthcoming Star Wars:Armada though.  I think this may be my first deviation from my plans for 2015.

Next we have a couple of pictures from Jon's very pretty AWI Maurice game, as detailed on the DWG blog.  As usual Jon put on a cracking game and the scenario was interesting.  Again, I already have figures for this, although it has made me get some of my unpainted Hessians out and start prepping them.

 The final picture is from the Bush Wars CoC game.  A very quick game with small forces, this was played twice before I left at 1pm and then twice more after I left.  I am not sure if the Zipra/Zanla types ever "won", but they did kill all the farmers at least once before running away from the devastating firepower of the RLI troops. 

 Now this month I have, so far, mostly been painting French.  Two sizes for two periods, so it's been interesting.  First up has been two 24 figure units of 25mm French Napoleonic Line infantry.  I believe that they are Foundry figures, but I may be wrong.  These have been my first foray into "larger" Napoleonics and, time wise, they have been a complete PITA!  I cannot yet paint these fast enough to ever be able to make a living out of painting them, although unit two did get finished quite a lot quicker than unit one.  They are carrying flags of the 54th and 55th Ligne, just because I had them here left over from Gus' collection.

The other figures have been a 15mm WW2 Chain of Command platoon of 1940 French infantry.  All told its 64 figures and one 25mm gun.  I just need to do a few little tanks up, plus maybe some odd figures like FOOs and engineers.

I have also been busy painting something completely different, which you will get to see once I have based them.  Next up is some Westphalian Napoleonics and some 25mm Medieval foot.  The Westphalians will end up like the French, being sold on eBay while the Medievals are for the planned Lion Rampant retinues.

Take care and keep rolling those dice.

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