Thursday, 8 January 2015

2015 plans and all that jazz

My plans for 2014 were mostly sorted.  I have enough to play Chain of Command in 1940 and 1944 France.  I started (then stopped) my Longstreet forces.  I didn't buy too many figures, actually less than I painted for once.  I did buy too many new rulesets though, a couple of which will probably end up costing me money this year.

So, plans for 2015.
  1. Paint my 15mm French 1940 infantry for Chain of Command (underway already)
  2. Paint some 25mm Napoleonics that I have inherited (also underway)
  3. Paint some more bloody Zombicide figures, as we have season 3 due soon!
  4. Stop buying new rules (I have a rulebook "ooh shiney" syndrome)
  5. Go to at least one of the Partizan shows this year.
  6. Get the figures for a couple of Lion Rampant forces bought and painted.

So that's the plan.  As with all good plans it won't survive first contact with the enemy and the enemy in this case is anything new!  For example, I "received" a copy of Lion Rampant for Christmas from my youngest son(who is 20).  By "received" I mean I bought it, my wife wrapped it and put a label on it saying "To Dad from Michael" and then I unwrapped it on Christmas morning and said "Great, just what I wanted".

I have played 2 games of it now and am now planning on doing enough troops of each type to do 2 forces.  So the Perry twin's will be making money from me already and it's only January 7th.  Willpower of a damp lettuce leaf, that's me.

Here is a picture of my first game, with my "Scots" facing of against Nathan's "English".  King of the Hill, once I was up there he was in trouble and the Scottish spears ruled the field of battle.  It did help that he failed to move his heavy cavalry 3 times on the trot, allowing me to get up there and deploy in schiltron.  Plus he rolled double one on a morale roll for his archers after my skirmisher types shot 3 of them, so they routed early on.

Fun rules with a quick and easy system and enough difference in units to keep it interesting.  Thanks to Nathan for providing everything except the rules, including several cups of tea.
However, I should be painting up some of the 15mm ACW, 15mm AWI, 15mm WW2, 25mm Ancients, 6mm Seven Years War, 15mm Bush Wars, 15mm and 25mm Napoleonics or 25mm WW2 that I have here, not planning new purchases and painting.

I am a bad, bad man.

Still, it could be worse. 
See what I mean.  Happy New Year to you all.

P.S.  A quick shout out to Magnetic Displays, whom I ordered some magnabase from on December 28th and received on December 30th.  Awesome and thank you.


  1. I look forward to a game of Lion Rampant, and spot on with Magnetic Displays, always excellent service.

    1. As soon as I get some retinues painted I will put on a game for you JJ.