Monday, 19 January 2015

Another update already?

Yes, I'm here again.  I had a really bad night again last night and hardly slept at all until gone 6am.  Then I was up again by 11, so people can expect grumpiness for the rest of the day.

Bad news is Tina worries, but it's just a lack of working medication.  Hopefully the new tablets that I get tomorrow will have an effect.

Good news is I focused myself and painted, and painted, and glued figures together, and painted, and listened to Black Sabbath!  Yes, I had it playing loud and yes, I had my headphones on.  Usually I listen to my music loud as I like rock/heavy metal, so I found this picture quite amusing.

Anyway, back to the results of the lack of sleep.  I have had some painted but unbased Napoleonic figures here for a while and, due to my lack of interest in the period, I didn't know what they were.  A bit of research later and I found they were Westphalian infantry.  There were enough painted to make a unit of line infantry, another of Grenadiers and then 4 painted and 19 unpainted from another manufacturer. 
 These are the first of the pre-painted ones, which I believe are the 1st Battalion of the 3rd (or possibly 4th) Infantry Regiment as the unit facings are pale blue.  This is based on a quick check in the Osprey publication Men-at-Arms 44, Napoleons German Allies(1).  To be accurate the grenadiers should probably be in shakos, but they are in bearskins.  I just based them so don't blame me.  ;-)

This is the second pre-painted unit.  These are Westphalian Grenadier-Gardes I think.  For some reason there are 27 of these, so they have 7 bases instead of 6.  Again, I just based them.
But I also started painting some a few days ago.  While it's a bit of a stretch, hell it's a massive stretch, to say that I enjoyed painting them, they weren't as bad as I expected.  So I cracked on and persevered and made myself do them.  I have painted them up to match the 4 painted ones, one each of a grenadier and voltiguer plus 2 line infantry.  Hopefully you can't pick them out from the 19 I painted.

The standards are from Warflag/Napflag.  I got my local stationers/ink shop, Refresh Cartridges,  to print them on their fancy laser printer and it's well worth the extra few pence they cost.   It helps that the main bloke in the shop is a mate and gamer mind.

In between and while waiting for glue/ink/paint to dry I also put together 30 plastic medievals for my Lion Rampant force.

So a couple of bad nights have seen me paint up an infantry unit, then base it as well as two additional units and stick 30 figures together.  Insomnia sometimes pays off.  I also listened to lots of loud music, which is always good.  Unless you have a headache.  

Now I am going to go and make a cuppa and chill out for a bit.  I still feel like crap but hope for a better day than yesterday.  Catch you all next time.

PS.   I am also looking to get some finials for the flag poles.  Is that right for Westphalians?


  1. Great looking minis. Love the meme.

  2. Finials: yes - it's only teh 'spear head'. The cords were to wrap round the flag when it was rolled up to stop it inwinding. Then it went into ot case/cover.

    1. So I need spear heads and cords then. Ta for that Gaz. Need to find someone who makes them separately now.