Friday, 23 January 2015

A monstrous change of direction

In a change from painting and/or basing Napoleonics, this week I have mostly been painting monsters!  These are from the new boardgame Shadows of Brimstone and are painted to hopefully look like the ones in the book.  The Survivor figure is to give a sense of size for these as they do go from small to dang big.  The rocks are bits of cork painted to match the rubble around the tentacles, just to try and bring them together.  I must also apologise for the lines on the models.  I tried filling them, but for some reason the plastic putty doesn't stick to the plastic and just comes off. 

First up are the smallest of them, 12 Void Spiders.The upside down one is to show the mouth and, more worryingly, the big teeth.

Then we move onto the tentacles.  Again there are 12 of these, which came out pretty well I think. 

Next up are the Stranglers.  Odd creatures, no eyes at all, 2 arms, 2 legs, 2 tentacles and a big mouth in their chest. 

 The larger types include these 3 Night Terrors with their glowing orange eyes.  Vallejo Orange Fluo to the rescue here.

Finally we have the Goliath, with multiple eyes, an odd tentacle tongue and octopus arms this is a real monstrosity.  A pretty gruesome looking thing and it stands crouches a mighty 70mm tall. 

 The head-on view is just to show the multitude of eyes.  There are 11 in total.

Next up I am painting up some of the heroes for the game, unless I get sidetracked by medievals.  Or AWI.  Or WW2.  Or Zombies.  Or..... Well, you get the idea.

Anyway, not much else to report.  I played a game of Sons of Anarchy on Monday night.  It seems pretty good, although we did several things wrong.  I have also come down with a cold again, one of the joys of having the grandchildren over to stay last week.  Hohum and all that.


  1. Ruddy sci-fi again. You will be black balled.


  2. In my defence they are not for me. But also, phffft to you! ;-)