Wednesday, 10 June 2015

OML3 A brief report(with lots of blurry pictures)

It's 0211 and guess who can't sleep?  Luckily I have things to do.  However, instead of doing them I am typing this up.
Poor old fella.
Last Saturday was the annual Operation Market Larden day, this time called "The Lardest Day" as it was on 6th June.  The usual trio from Devon were joined by our latest Lardy convert, Andy "Pink Fluffy Bunny" Noel.  The four of us got up at stupid o'clock on Saturday morning and set off for the tractor filled wasteland that is Worcestershire.  A quick pitiss stop for the ageing member to relieve his bladder(after he woke from his nap) and we duly arrived in darkest tractor-land at 9ish. 

A right rough trio!
A quick round of hello's to the collection of reprobates lardy wargamers and then Nathan and I got on with setting the table up.  We were putting on a 1940 Chain of Command game based around the events on June 6th 1940, when the German's attempted to complete their invasion of France after Dunkirk.  After a great days gaming, with the extra attraction of the local airshow going on(loved the Vulcan), we retreated to Evesham to sup some of the local refreshments and then partake of Worcestershire's famous dish.....curry!  A hilarious evening was then topped by a reasonable 4 hours sleep back in Tewkesbury.  Thanks to all those who attended and made the day so enjoyable.  We will be back next year!

More on the game I ran and the game I played in my next post, for now I will just show you some blurry and badly taken photos of the other games that were put on.  All told their were ten games being played, ranging from Dark Ages Britain through to Afghanistan. I will let the pictures do the talking now and I'll be back tomorrow.  Well, that is later today really.
Ade's Gallipoli game
Another look at the Gallipoli table
Dodgy looking fellas there
Looks nice, it was a bad day for the Allies though
Would you trust this man with anything?
Paul, Paul(Pingu) and Ade.
Some dodgy looking 1940 CoC game
Dux setup, watch out for the cows
See, the little buggers are making a run for it
Fighting Season, run by Rich Clarke
Brits and ANP seize a compound
The Taliban know they are there though.  Nice tractor
A close up of some of the Brits
I 'aint been Nuked Mum.  Can't wait for this to be released.
15mm IABSM Eastern Front.  Jagdpanthers on the hill!
Lot's of German armour now.
25mm Russo-Japanese War.  Nice setup.
The hills are alive with the sound of chopsticks
Loads of them, hiding in the woods
It's looking bad for the Russians

Lovely looking Sharpe Practice Peninsular game
British infantry defend their supplies
French fire at the defenders.

25mm Sudan game. 
Brits appear to be taking some casualties
Thin blue line.......

Sudanese try to get around the flank
War of the Roses using Sharpe Practice
Close up of some of Paul's figures.

A gathering of might before the fighting begins

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