Sunday, 14 June 2015

Just a quickie....

Been a bad weekend, so not a lot to report.  I popped into the Devon Wargames meet, but didn't stay as I felt rough.  There were some nice games going on, a large Napoleonic bash with 28mm figures, a Chain of Command game in post war Indonesia(I think) and a game of 15mm Ancients.  More updates will appear in due course on the Devon Wargames blog.  Nathan has also just posted about the game on his blog.

 I have also updated my CoC Platoons page as I realised that I had expanded the collection somewhat since I posted it.  I had only shown four platoons on there, two German and two American.  I now have the full amount(for now) shown along with their support.  There are now nine platoons shown, which should be enough shouldn't it?  Not a chance.  At least three more are planned just for Europe/Russia, then I am going to look at either the far east or desert theatres!  Not sure which yet, but I am tempted by Crusaders going up against M11/39s.  Tin foil armour rules, until the German's arrived and messed it all up.

A quick shout out to the nice chaps at Firestorm Games too.  I placed an order with them for some French vehicles and decals from Battlefront.  It sat on "processing" for several weeks, with one part of the order changing to "packed", but the other bits never arriving. So I rang them as I needed them for the OML3 game last weekend.  A quick chat with a very helpful man saw my order being changed to a substitute that they did have and promptly being posted first class to make sure I got them in time.  Now to some that may sound like a screw up as they didn't get what I wanted, but hold on a second.  I have been chatting to several people in the wargames trading business over the last month or six and all of them have expressed their problems with Battlefront lately.  You place your order on the Monday, on Friday a delivery arrives.  That sounds good, until you open the box and realise that you haven't got what you ordered, just what BF feel like sending you.  I find it hard to blame the retailer for the ineptitude and ignorance of their supplier.  Battlefront have seemingly dropped the ball over the last couple of years, which is a shame as they do some cracking models.  So thanks Firestorm for sorting out my order and getting it too me in time for me to paint the little Frenchies up.  It obviously helps that they are a Welsh shop.  Land of my Fathers and all that.

So that's it for now.  I am struggling this weekend so didn't get much of anything done sadly.  Fingers crossed for tomorrow.  I have a Rubicon Sd251 and some Warlord Germans to finish off.  Hope you're all doing better and getting some gaming in. 


  1. Nice tracked carriers in the French pics. Are they Lorraine 37 L's ?

    Always liked the French kit.


    1. Cheers Vince. The carriers are Lorraine 38L's, the apc variant of the 37L. They make a nice change from grey panzers.