Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Latest Chain of Command Platoon

I have finished them, so here they are for all to see and wonder!

Wonder, that is, why they hell I decided to do this force.  Basically, because I just love the little Sdkfz 250 series of vehicles.  Tiny little armoured personnel carriers, enough space to carry half a squad of men but costing practically the same to build as a full size Sdkfz 251 Hanomag.

But they are pretty little things.
 So here is the platoon in all it's panzer grey glory.  Seven Sd250/1 carriers with a single Sd250/10 3.7cm Pak carrier as support.  Seems that this is the full strength of a Panzer-Aufklarungsplatoon (gepanzert).  The actual platoon structure was identical to the standard panzergrenadier squads, 12 men per squad with two MG34s.  Where it differs is that two men were designated drivers for the Sd250's in each squad.  This only left 10 men and, by the time you take out a squad leader and six men to man the MG's, there are only 3 riflemen left.  Sustained combat is not going to be their strongpoint.  Fast assaults to seize objectives or exploit a weakness in the lines however, that they will excel at. 

The figures and vehicles are all Plastic Soldier Company.  In fact the figures are the same models I used for my Blitzkrieg Germans, just painted in fieldgrey trousers instead of light grey.  The vehicles are beautiful little models.  They come five to a box with a variety of options, APC version(250/1), mortar carrier(250/7), recce (250/9), Pak(250/10) and Panzerbusche(250/11).   The last one also includes the ground mount for the sPzB41 2.8cm squeezebore gun, which is going to be useful for my Falschirmjagers! 

So, here is my attempt at a Chain of Command list for a Reconnaissance Panzer-Grenadier platoon.  It has been checked over by the rules author, so is sort of TFL approved.  I'm going to give it a try anyway, just need to get some Russians as opposition.

 To support my new platoon I also purchased some additional Zvezda armour, four Panzer 38ts and a single Sdkfz 222.This gives me enough Pz38's to field a full strength platoon of 5 vehicles and a pair of Sd222's for scouting.

I also have another additional pair of Sd250/1's finished, to transport any support options such as engineer or MG teams.  So here are the ten Sdkfz 250's all together.  Look impressive, but I have a feeling that they are going to blow up easily.

So there it is, my latest addition to my Chain of Command forces.  Catch you later.

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