Monday, 7 July 2014


Last weekend I got quite a bit of painting done, which is usually a good thing.  Sadly the downside is I have had to reduce one of my anti-nausea tablets due to the potential side effects.  I was on 2 Domperidone after each meal, which did help reduce the generally bad way I felt after eating.  I am now on 1 tablet after each meal as the potential side effect is worse than feeling sick or throwing up.  It's quite a serious side effect too, Sudden Cardiac Death!  I mean seriously, how is that a good side effect for anything at all, ever?

Still,I got some more aircraft done with 9 Ju87 Stukas joining the ever increasing Luftwaffe armada. 
More Luftwaffe nasties
 I now have 16 Bf109s, 4 Bf110s, 24 He111s, 9 Ju88s and 9 Ju87s painted for the Germans, all faced by a lonely and outnumbered 12 Hurricanes.  I still have more to paint (14 Bf109s, 24 Bf110s, 21 Do17s, 12 Ju87s, 12 Hurricanes and 12 Spitfires), but at least there are enough done now for a decent game.  I need some Defiants though, just because, plus some French types to do the Battle of France, maybe some Polish ones too............its never ending.

Rorke's Drift Defences
I also got the defences for Nathan's Rorke's Drift set done, 4 sections of wall and 8 assorted defence bits all done and ready for him to base up.  They are all about 6" long and rather nice, although the details on some of the boxes were missing due to air holes.

Barricaded wagon, rather nice.
Finally there is the nicest piece of the set, the barricaded wagon.  This really is a nice piece and was a pleasure to paint up.

Now, while this is a reasonable amount of painting considering how crap I feel, there is a considerable downside to it.  I was supposed to be going to Casa de JJ yesterday to play the Battle of Oporto on his beautiful scenery with his rather nice figures, but I had a couple of bad nights.  They were followed by a bad day which resulted in me not being well enough to go.  Not b****y impressed!  So, sorry JJ, I would rather have been there than here mate.  I hope the game went well.

Anyway, catch you all later.

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