Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Bag the Hun 2 again

Last night saw B Flight of 605 Squadron go into action.  Flt Lt "Bunny" Noel was in command as Blue 1 with FO "Pingers" Pengilly leading Green section.  They came in behind the bandits, which turned out to be 9 Ju87 Stukas with an escort of 4 Bf110s.
 Initial moves saw the Messerschmitts try to block the attacking Hurricanes and fail miserably.  Green section dove straight past them and latched onto the tails of 3 of the Stuka's while Blue section lagged a bit, but came in on the flank.  As Green section opened fire.....
...bits of two Stuka's went raining down.  Pingers was the only one who failed to down his target, but PO Flynn and Sgt Henderson both destroyed their Stuka's.  Unfortunately the twin explosions proved too much for Pingers and he lost control of his normal stable Hurricane.
 With Pingers heading down struggling to regain his equilibrium, Blue 3 latched onto his erstwhile target and, with a highly accurate burst of fire, blew it to pieces.  Three down and the Messerschmitts were struggling to get anywhere near either the Hurricanes or the Stuka's.

  Pingers managed to regain control and strove to return to action while Bunny did his best to get in amongst them, but was slowed down by the attentions of a vengeful Messerschmitt.  Some nice manoeuvering shook off the heavy fighter, but it took him away from the action.  Luckily PO Henry(Blue 2) and Sgt Patterson(Blue 3) had better luck and both bagged a Stuka, giving Patterson 2 kills.

Sgt Henderson also got a 2nd and damaged a 3rd before his guns ran out of ammo, with PO Flynn also getting in and bagging a 2nd kill before the Stuka's broke away and the Hurricanes left the Messerschmitts behind.  

All in all it was a bad day for the Luftwaffe, with 7 Stuka's going down and another one damaged for no RAF losses, or even any damage.  Luckiest bugger of the night was "Bunny" Noel, who managed to survive being hit 5 times by a Messerschmitt 110 by rolling 5+ on 5 dice out of 8.

After day one the squadron has racked up 8 kills and 4 probables at the cost of 2 damaged, but repairable, Hurricanes.  PO Flynn has even been awarded the DFC for his endeavors on the day. 

Thanks to Andy and Pingu for playing, I enjoyed it and look forward to the next missions in a few weeks time.

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